• International Commissions

  • 08.13.2020

    Recycling of daily water

    Here in the semiarid north-eastern region of Brazil, water conservation and careful use of water are a daily struggle. Since our region is punished by... leia +
  • 08.12.2020

    The Right to Good Living and Decent Food

    A view from the ethics of care The Good Life ... It is not possible to speak of “the right to good living and decent food” without t... leia +
  • 08.07.2020

    Save Water… Save Life…

        We all know that the universe comprised of five elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Sky. Water carries nutrients to all cells in our body... leia +
  • 07.15.2020

    "No Water, No Life. No Blue, No Green".

    The JPIC Commission of our Nirmala Province, sent a meaningful prayer service on the topic WATER to be conducted in all our communities in the month o... leia +
  • 07.11.2020

    Note Expressing Solidarity with the Bolivian People

    Tired of seeing the drug trafficking activities taking place freely, the community of Bella Vista de Iténez, Bolivia, reacted in recent weeks. This ac... leia +
  • 06.26.2020

    Statement on Racism

    ISJ strengthens fight against racism The death of North American black George Floyd, on May 25, 2020, sparked a worldwide movement against racism... leia +
  • 06.24.2020

    Experience in Namtubo/ Tanzania

     Then he said to his disciples"The harvest is plentiful, but the labores are few"(Mt 9:37) I (Sr.Naina) am delighted and pleased to share my person... leia +
  • 06.23.2020

    JPIC Sisters of St Joseph of Chambéry

    Voices from Provinces, Regions and Missions on attitudes towards the food focus:  Preference for natural foods and healthy consumption; In small... leia +
  • 05.28.2020

    Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Laudato Si

     Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Laudato Si week was a great event. It created the apt atmosphere to reflect on the encyclical of Pope Francis and ... leia +
  • 05.24.2020

    We wish you a beautiful World Day of Communications!

     Dear Members of our ICC Commission, We thank you for who you are, and for all you give to your service for Communications within and outside of ou... leia +
  • 05.23.2020


     “That you may tell your children and grandchildren” (Ex 10:2) Life becomes history  I would like to devote this year’s Message ... leia +
  • 05.12.2020


     Sr Jona Thanks to the Lockdown for Covid 19, some sisters of the province marked Earth Day with great respect and attention. The LOCKDOWN  did not... leia +
  • 05.08.2020

    Solidarity guarantees food for vulnerable population – PROJARI

    Terezinha dos Santos Silva, 83, lives in the São Francisco neighbourhood, in Guaíba. She takes care of three grandchildren with the support of the com... leia +
  • 04.27.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic Tanmaya India and Pakistan Sharing 21

    We care … A tiny virus called Corona has disturbed human life. It has gripped the whole world without discriminating any religion, caste, a... leia +
  • 04.21.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic: João Neiva / ES and Vacaria / RS - Sharing ...

    Project Crubixa Jose Homem Justo José Homem Justo community is composed of three Sisters and a lay missionary in João Neiva / ES. They run the proj... leia +
  • 04.20.2020

    The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day 2020

      A New Earth depends on us - Social Commitment  leia +
  • 04.19.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the coronavirus pandemic: Nucleus Caminho Novo / Caxias do Sul Sharing ...

     In quarantine - Cidade Nova Community Our community is aware of the need to take care of one self and others according to the rules of health agen... leia +
  • 04.13.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic: Sandhyavan, Yerla and Ratlam/ India - Shar...

     We do our BIT as we are HIT One might find it quite shocking to see our sisters out, when the entire country is on a lock down and asked to stay... leia +
  • 04.10.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic: St. Joseph Convent- Curitiba / Brazil. Shar...

    St. Joseph Convent - Curitiba / PR We celebrated our last Mass before Lockdown on March 19th. It was a festive mass, with the entrance of Leticia... leia +
  • 04.08.2020

    congregation Praying together

      leia +
  • 04.04.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic: Nursing Home - São Paulo / Brazil. Sharing...

     Taboão da Serra - Sao Paulo Our Community comprises of 29 Sisters, who are all above 60 years of age. We have sisters above 100 years of age. Th... leia +
  • 04.03.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic: Dourados and Ibiraiaras / Brazil - Sharing 6...

     Dourados Community - Mato Grosso do Sul Our house of Project to welcome family members of hospitalized people and care for Haitians has been closed... leia +
  • 03.31.2020

    Celebration of Renewal of Vows and Entrance to Postulancy

    On March 19th during the celebration of thanksgiving on the feast of our dear patron St. Joseph in Curitiba Letícia Andrade andLurde Aparecida de Souz... leia +
  • 03.02.2020

    Dourados celebrates one year of the Foundation of the Municipal Association of Haitians

     On February 29, 2020, one year of foundation of the Municipal Association of Haitians was celebrated in the Parish Nossa Senhora de Fátima in   Doura... leia +
  • 02.28.2020

    Protest against Government Moves in India

    The country of sages and great leaders is continuously witnessing violence, riots, curfews, and protests. Ever since, Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA),... leia +
  • 02.08.2020

    Pope's February prayer intention: Hear the cries of migrants

    Pope Francis on Thursday released a video message accompanying his prayer intention for February, which this month is "Hear the cries of migrants". ... leia +
  • 11.17.2019

    Sister Barbara Bozak CSJ at LAC JPIC Meet Bangalore

    Bangalore, November 13 -15, 2019:  JPIC members from the three congregations of Lyon, Annecy and Chambery came together at Ananda Sadan, Provincial Ho... leia +
  • 11.05.2019

    JPIC/Brazil Group Meeting

    The Sisters of the JPIC/Brazil groups gathered in Curitiba, November 2-3, 2019 to, among other topics, reflect on and evaluate their journey during th... leia +
  • 10.27.2019

    No to make Saligao the Garbage Hub of Goa

     ‘Save Saligao’ is the continuous cry of the people in Saligao, Goa, India. The Government of Goa wants to make Saligao as the Garbage Hub... leia +
  • 10.23.2019

    Walk for Freedom

     A campaign “Walk for Freedom,’ to create awareness against human trafficking’ held on Saturday, October 19 in Goa, India. Walk... leia +
  • 10.19.2019

    Caring for our Common Home

    A day’s seminar was organized on Sept. 26 in St. Mary’s High School, Lahore, Pakistan on ‘Care for our Common Home’ (Laudato... leia +
  • 10.06.2019

    Prayer for the synod for the Amazon

     God Father, Son and Holy Spirit, enlighten with your grace the church in the Amazon. Help us prepare with joy, faith and hope the Pan- Amazonian Syn... leia +
  • 08.22.2019

    Rebuilding life projects with refugees and immigrants

      Sister Mary Sizilo has been associated, for some years, with programs that help and benefit refugees and immigrants who come to Brazil. The program... leia +
  • 08.11.2019

    International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

    Friday, Aug. 09, 2019.  Asha Niketan community Bhopal, Pachmarhi province observed World Tribal Day. The day was set aside to honour the tribal sist... leia +
  • 06.25.2019

    JPIC Brazil - Pausing, Reflecting, Analyzing, Evaluating and Acting in Favor of Life for All

                We live in a moment of profound socio-political, economic, religious and cultural changes that challenge each person to take a position a... leia +
  • 06.12.2019

    Learning the Art of Communication

      The IPCC (Indian Provinces' Communication Commission) organized a 3 day training programme, at Asha Niketan, Bhopal, from May 25 to May 27, 2019, f... leia +
  • 06.03.2019

    Sharing of International Formators Session

      A day’s session of sharing, interaction, and discussions was held on May 30, 2019 in the Provincial House, Tanmaya, Bhopal, India. The Provin... leia +
  • 05.27.2019

    Easter and Earth Day, two holidays celebrated together in Guaíba

      The Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Guaíba community in southern Brazil share how they celebrated Earth Day, as proposed by the Congregation. Sister... leia +
  • 05.22.2019

    Intercultural living - an urgent challenge

      On Sunday, I attended the Party of the Peoples held in the Cathedral of Rome, Saint John Lateran. This event, bringing together more than 50 nation... leia +
  • 02.28.2019

    Sisters of Saint Joseph participate in sessions at the UN

      The Commission on Social Development at the United Nations held the 57th series of sessions on the theme, “Confronting inequality and obstacl... leia +
  • 01.19.2019

    Indian Provinces JPIC Meet

      On January 12 and 13, twenty-eight members of JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) from the four Indian Provinces gathered in Snehalaya,... leia +
  • 11.11.2018

    October 2: international day of non-violence

      The International Commission on Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation drew up a prayer dedicated to non-violence, inviting the whole Congreg... leia +
  • 10.05.2018

    Migrant Workers: An Asia-Pacific Experience

      The recent Regional Conference on Migrant Workers with Asian realities was the third in the series of the meetings that dealt with the issues on mi... leia +
  • 08.19.2018

    Corporate Statement about Nicaragua

     Condemn Ongoing Violence in Nicaragua Solidarity and Wishes for Peace in Nicaragua. In recent months, the people of Nicaragua have been victi... leia +
  • 08.11.2018

    International Meeting of the Communication Commission

    Communicators of Prophetic Hope   The International Communication Commission of the Congregation assembled in Garibaldi, Brazil, August 8 to 13 for ... leia +
  • 06.24.2018

    PROJARI, building peace through communication

     The Saint Joseph Charitable Association of the Sisters of St. Joseph has built its mission of "Lives in the service of life, unity in diversity", thr... leia +
  • 04.03.2018

    International Dialogue on Migration

     The member states of the United Nations have been in ongoing conversation and negotiations recently concerning the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly a... leia +
  • 02.28.2018

    Multi-dimensional Poverty Addressed at the UN

     With its focus on SDG 1 (End poverty in all its forms every) the theme of this year’s 56th Commission on Social Development (January 29 –... leia +
  • 12.19.2017

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    On December 11 I was at the UN in New York for the beginning of a year-long campaign to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Huma... leia +
  • 11.20.2017

    Migrants and the UN

     During my most recent presence at the UN in New York, on Nov. 2, I heard the UN High Commissioner for Refugees address the third committee of the Gen... leia +
  • 10.19.2017


     OPEN LETTER THE CONGREGATION OF THE SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH OF CHAMBÉRY   “Justice and Peace shall kiss” (Ps. 85:11). “I have com... leia +
  • 04.27.2017

    JPIC: Paint us with the flesh color

     The human being we are is God´s revelation to be discovered and build up. He incarnates Himself so that our body may take up the color of His flesh, ... leia +
  • 04.04.2017

    JPIC Meeting

     This morning, April 4th, the new International Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission (JPIC) began their first face to face meeting a... leia +
  • 03.22.2017

    International Finance Commission

      March 17 to 21, 2017, in Rome, at the General House, the annual meeting of the International Finance Commission (IFC) of the Congregation took place... leia +
  • 12.16.2013

    Whoever is doing good for others is living like Jesus...

    I, Sister Ana Marília Citon, joined the Congregation in 1947. After the novitiate, I cooked for 12 years in the São José Psychiatric Hospital in Porto... leia +
  • 11.26.2013

    JPIC: prayer services

    The Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission (JPIC) of the Congregation has initiated project to implement a 2009 General Chapter Directive... leia +
  • 10.02.2013

    Helping the neediest...

    “Go out to the whole world; proclaim the Good News to all creation.” (Mark 16: 15) In my life as a Sister of St. Joseph, I have always ... leia +
  • 09.02.2013

    Living the charism of Communion

    I live the charism of the legacy that Father Médaille left us, living Trinitarian love as Jesus, Mary and Joseph lived it in the Holy family of Nazare... leia +
  • 08.01.2013

    Nursing: Justice for Nursing Assistants

    In 1945, the Saint Joseph School for nursing assistants, the first in Brazil, was established. It was created without the knowledge or consent of the ... leia +
  • 07.01.2013

    Living Unity in Education

    “Do not fear! I am with you! I made you to clear the land, to plant and to build, in a mission of communion with God and with the Sisters.&rdquo... leia +
  • 06.03.2013

    At the service of Life

    Reviewing my whole journey as a consecrated religious, what strikes me the most about our charism and the mission I experience are unity, simplicity, ... leia +
  • 05.03.2013

    Riverbank dwellers defend their land

    Through the following narrative, Sister Elenice Buoro of the Province of São Paulo told the story of a mission developed in the 80’s, and said t... leia +
  • 04.02.2013

    Ethics in the pursuit of Justice and Solidarity

    This text aims to contribute to the building of a reflection leading to commitment to and solidarity with people who are wronged, and who are affected... leia +
  • 03.01.2013

    Meetings that mark us, certainties that remain!

    Almost two years ago, we began to live in the condominium at the Montserrat Building in Curitiba. During this time, as the Provincial community, we ha... leia +
  • 12.03.2012

    The right to Generate Life

    For ten years, from 2000 to 2010, the Church of Brazil maintained a project to help the Church in East Timor. Every three years, Sisters were sent to ... leia +
  • 10.25.2012

    Working together for Justice

    On the 23rd and 24th Oct 2012, the members of JPIC and ICC began their face to face meetings in the General House, Rome, with a workshop entitled &lsq... leia +