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    World forums list the most significant risks to the planet such as water scarcity, climate change and issues related to natural resources. Swiss Mathis Wackernagel Says "I am confused to see how we pretend that the risks related to natural resources, will never affect us, even though we are fully aware that it will." Mathis is co-creator of the Ecological Footprint, a sustainability metrics tool that can help prevent the planet from going bankrupt. The Ecological Footprint measures the area of ​​land needed to sustain human consumption and waste, contrasting resource consumption with nature's carrying capacity.


    The consumption of each one leaves a mark, an Ecological Footprint, of environmental degradation.
    The NGO Redefining Progress https://www.footprintcalculator.org/pt/quiz/0/food/category   has created a test that assesses each person's Ecological Footprint.


    Greta Thunberg questiona conversas sobre clima bla, bla, bla
                                                  Greta Thunberg questions climate talk bla, bla, bla (photo from the Internet)



    The calculation of the Planet's resources available for consumption of human beings, in a sustainable way for a year, and their anticipated depletion, defines the Earth Overload Day. On December 9th, 1987, this "natural budget" was exceeded. Since then, every year, ‘the Earth Overload Day’ date has moved back faster and faster. To meet current needs, humanity needs practically 2 planets. And without considering the huge differences in consumption between countries... The Latin American Agenda registers September 23, 2008 asOverload Day”, for we started to spend 30% more than the available resources of the Planet.




    The exaggerated pattern of consumption and production results in Climate Change, as it releases immense amounts of carbon dioxide, methane and other gases which intensify the greenhouse effect and retain more heat in the atmosphere.


    From October 31 to November 11, 2021, the United Nations Climate Change Conference is underway in Glasgow, Scotland, which is also known as COP26. It is the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change.


    Climate Change has taken its toll in catastrophic consequences. It's not today that the red light is flashing. We have had so many Conferences without the corresponding implementation of the urgent changes that global warming requires. If we continue to pretend that the threat of risks related to the depletion of natural resources will never affect humans, then it will harm the considerable portion of the world's youth who see their future threatened by an eventual collapse of the planet.


    Jovens protestam em Glasgow
                                                                                                Young people protest in Glasgow (photo from the Internet)



    The Avaaz platform recently funded the largest survey ever conducted on “climate anxiety”. It interviewed 10,000 children and young people in 10 countries around the world. In all the countries, the result shows that anxiety about the planetary crisis is very high. The psychologist Fabiana Esteca says “Weather phenomena arouse a sense of uncertainty that spreads through the younger generations”. Worrying anxiety that affects not only young people and children, but also people of all ages.




    What do the planet's devastating climate disasters and dreams find? A lot of inertia on the part of those responsible - all those who, through control of the media, money and political influence, have command of the direction of the world.


    In this scenario, in a message to COP26, Pope Francis says: “COP26 can and must offer an effective contribution to the conscientious construction of a future in which daily actions and economic and financial investments can genuinely protect the conditions that ensure a dignified and humane life for the men and women of today and tomorrow, on a “healthy” planet.”


    With his Encyclical Laudato Si, Pope Francis is a forerunner and an inspirer. His document is full of moral and persuasive force. It is very important that we give heed to this document, for the interest of many countries are at stake. Climate Change affects everyone; therefore, it requires joint actions. No country can overcome this problem alone. All together, we can create viable goals for a healthy, pleasant and good-to-live world, with all creation in this divine place, just the way God wants it.




    Finally, some concrete advice from Pope Francis to protect and build the common house. Our small actions bring wellbeing for our society, “beyond what can be seen, because they promote in the bosom of this land a good that always tends to spread, for sometimes invisibly”.


    Txai Suruí, jovem indígena brasileira que discursou na COP26
                                                       Txai Surui, young Brazilian Indian who spoke at COP26 (photo from the Internet)



    1. Heating: wrap yourself more and avoid turning on heater.
    2. Avoid using plastic material and paper.
    3. Reduce water consumption.
    4. Separate wastes.
    5. Cook only what you can reasonably eat.
    6. Treat other living things with care.
    7. Use public transport or share the vehicle with other people.
    8. Plant trees.
    9. Turn off unnecessary lights.
    10. Give thanks to God before and after meals.


    The “butterfly effect” asks: “Could a butterfly's wing flap in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas”? Of course not.  But some small initial changes can lead to big consequences. It can join efforts to collectively mobilize the universe to effectively take care of the Planet. A small gesture like the beating wings of butterfly can bring about a constructive action which will impact the care of a beautiful Common Home.


    Collaboration Sr. Paula Gobbi (Internet Research)

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