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    Nome: Sr. Beatrice Mary

    Idade: 89
    Anos de Consagração Religiosa: 66
    Data de Falecimento: 05/03/2022
    Local de Falecimento: Bhopal/ India


    A life well-lived leaves behind a beautiful - Bouquet of memories


     “Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity: St Mother Teresa.” 


    Sr. Beatrice Mary was born on 7th May 1933 in Maarika, Kerala as the 3rd child of late Mr. Kuruvilla and Mrs.Mary, in Madathiparambil family. Sister Beatrice has 8 siblings, 4 brothers and 4 sisters of which 3 of them are Religious. Sr. Dominica, her younger sister who belonged to our congregation died as a young professed sister in Shampura, Sagar. Her brother who was a Mont Fort brother also has gone for his eternal reward.  Sr. Alicia her younger sister belongs to Visitation Congregation is here with us to bid farewell to her beloved Sister Beatrice. 


    Sr. Beatrice did her schooling in St. Mary’s School, Maarika, Kerala. After her initial education she decided to be a missionary and came to North India. Accepting God’s invitation to be His spouse, she entered the religious life on 8th December 1953.  She made her first profession on 8th June 1956. Sister lived 66 years of her vowed life in responding to God’s call in various communities Jabalpur, Bilaspur, Bombay, Sagar, Nagpur, Pachmarhi, Khandwa, Gandharmatt, Pipariya, Jehangirabad, Idgha Hills, and Asha Niketan. She was involved in various ministries and rendered her service at various levels as teacher, animator, dietitian in St. John’s Medical college and in pastoral ministry.


    Sr. Beatrice was a woman of few words, very prayerful, caring, gentle, sincere, and disciplined.  She had mastery over English language and has helped many to learn English.  


    Sister was transferred from Idgah Hills to Asha Niketan community in the month of May 2021 as she needed medical care. During her stay with us she could hardly express herself in words but she communicated through her loving looks, handshakes and warm smile. 


    Her tolerance to pain and suffering was admirable. From 3rd January 2022 onwards she was in the hospital as her food intake was very poor and was on ryle’s tube and with Oxygen support. Her health was getting deteriorated day by day. 


    On 3rd March her youngest brother Jose and Noel her nephew had come to spent time with her. The next day after their leaving, her condition worsened. She was then given the sacrament of the sick and the continual support of our prayers. On 5th March at 5 PM she surrendered herself into the embrace of her beloved master and God.


    We ask the Lord to bless Sr. Beatrice Mary’s soul and give her the joy of beatific vision which she so richly deserves for all her years of faithfulness and love to Him. 



    Sisters of Asha Niketan.