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    Nom: Sr. Marianne Zyber

    Était: 91
    Années de consécration religieuse: 64
    Lieu du décès: 13/07/2022
    Local de Falecimento: “Rigshospitalet”, Copenhagen, Denmark


    Marianne was a trained teacher, having taught at our own school in Copenhagen “Institut Sankt Joseph” for many years. In the early 70’ies, S. Marianne got a training as catechist in Germany. S. Marianne was involved in Initial Formation ministry and she served as Provincial Councilor. S. Marianne was also superior of the mother house community for 2 terms (1980-1986).


    For 16 years (1987-2003), S. Marianne ministered in Germany, Gerleve (1987-1991) and Trittau (1992-2003), first in office work and later as a Pastoral Minister of the Parish. She was not afraid to start new communities, when she moved to Nykøbing F. to join the two Indian Sisters (2007-2011). S. Marianne loved gardening, being in nature and cooking. She died suddenly of a heart attack.