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    Name: Sr. Birgit Brinkkötter

    Age: 89
    Years of religious consecration: 62
    Death date: 05/07/2022
    Place of death: Klostergaarden, Copenhagen, Denmark



    Birgit was a trained chef and has worked in our hospital in Copenhagen and in our large communities at the mother house at Strandvejen, in Odense and at Stella Matutina. She was a very caring person and tried to do the uttermost for all, both sisters and guests.


    She had a great sense of humor and she was a prayerful person. Just as the COVID began, she suffered from a stroke, which put her into the wheel chair. But still she was telling us, I am fine, I can pray and read with the help of a magnifying glass; she learned to manage the wheel chair on her own inside the house and when it was possible again, she visited the sisters on the other floors.


    Like this, she joined to other sisters on the second floor to pray together with them. She was well prepared to meet her Savior Jesus Christ, with whom she had spent so much time together all her life.