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    Poem: Lace Makers to Care Takers

     Hear you, O descendants of lace-makers
    Don’t you realize, you! O great care-takers?
    What’s your vision, what’s your mission?
    Forget not, communion is your charism

    A total double union with self, with others
    With God, and with creation is what matters
    Every day, every life is mingled in this mystery
    By your life let’s add to this great history

    Humility, simplicity, hiddenness, and charity
    Let your intentions be polished in purity
    Magis, enlarge your tent, Incarnate with Joy
    Keywords to live the kingdom alloy

    Maxims, Constitution, Eucharistic Letter and Little Plan
    To lead a life worthy of the Little Design
    State of your heart and order of the house
    A genuine sharing for lasting friendship

    Community immersed in the Spirit connected with the world
    Consecrating to the Uncreated and Created Trinities
    Joining Mary in her Fiat, finding in Joseph the fraternal care
    Emptying of self to be filled with Jesus to proclaim the ‘Greatest Love of God’

    Passion for Christ, compassion for humanity
    Live a life of serenity by weaving the lace of diversity
    Make peace with Creator and with creation
    Thus, make your life a great celebration

    By Sr. Laveena D’Souza
    Tanmaya Province / India

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