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    Preserve Blue to Stay Green

    Preserve blue to save green is a clarion call. Water is the most important source on this Earth. If we save water, we will have a green world. We know that 71% of the earth’s surface is water, from which only 3% of it is freshwater. From that too only 1% is accessible to us. Throwing plastics into water sources, connecting industrial waste as well as domestic waste to rivers have been the major reasons for water pollution. Increasing skyscrapers, forest fire and chopping down the trees have reduced the green carpet of planet earth. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every individual to save blue to save green.

    Keeping this in mind, We the Sisters of St. Joseph in Tanmaya Province have taken this theme ‘Preserve Blue to Stay Green’ as the annual theme for our educational institutions. For this we take every necessary step to preserve water. In Namli, we have the rooftop rain water harvesting system. The rain water is collected from the roof catchments, through pipes water is led to various chambers. And these chambers are finally connected to the reservoir. The collected water from the reservoir is used for cultivation and watering the lawn.

    Since lawn does not require much water, we use sprinkler system to avoid water wastage. In this system, an equal amount of water is received by the entire area. ver possible we avoid using the hose pipe for watering the plants instead we use buckets or water cans. This not only saves water but helps us to have a close contact with the plants.

    We enjoy the fruits and veggies grown in our garden. We joyously share them with our staff and co-workers. For the plants we use organic manure prepared by using dry leaves and wet waste.

    This pandemic lockdown has enabled us to spend a lot of time in the nature. We put down plants, water them, and care for them. In return, we enjoy the fresh air and green carpet all over the campus. Whatever efforts we do to preserve blue to stay green seems very small. Can this be a perfect jubilee gift towards our common home?

    Sr. Nidhi
    Namli, India / Tanmaya Province 

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