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    In tune with our Common Home

    Sisters of St. Joseph in Ratlam, spent an hour before the Blessed Sacrament praying, reflecting, and meditating on the message of Pope Francis for the Season of Creation. Indeed, it is a Jubilee year of planet earth. Due to pandemic lockdown, we can truly find the earth regaining its vigour and originality.

    How important it is to celebrate the Jubilee of our Common Home…. We often take it for granted the gifts that we receive in abundance from the earth. The message of Pope Francis which emphasizes on five R’s: Remember, Return, Rest, Restore, and Rejoice, reminds us that we are pilgrims in this world and not the masters. The earth is our common home, given to us for a period of time. Our ancestors used, now it is in our care and soon we have to leave this common home for the future generation.

    During the course of time, we have failed miserably in caring for our common home. Selfish motives are creeped in so much so, we have not maintained a healthy relationship with the creator and with our fellow brothers and sisters.

    Living in this multifaceted world, there is no end for our needs. Our purchases of commodities seem limitless, that we made the word ‘REDUCE’ impossible in our lives. We are so fascinated with modernization that left ‘REUSE’ far behind. When the world throws in front of us easy way of life, we fail to tune ourselves with ‘RECYCLING’. The need of the hour is to reconcile ourselves with the creator and with the entire creation. Let us rethink about our lifestyle by reducing our needs, reusing the resources we have, and recycling the materials in whichever way possible. This will help us to weave the web of cosmic life.

    These reflections led the sisters to share their unique inspirations they received being in the nature. Finally, we thanked God for the beautiful creation, different kinds of flowers, fruits and veggies grown in our garden. Today we are all the more aware how important it is to care for our common home that we have decided to spend quality time in the nature, caring for it by using organic manure, saving water, and reshaping our lives in line with reduce, reuse and recycle. This will be our contribution, a sincere gift towards our common home and for the future generation.

    Sr. Laveena D’Souza
    Ratlam, India - Tanmaya Province 

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