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    Motivating Sisters to care for creation

     JPIC Commission of Tanmaya Province organised a province JPIC meeting on 18th September at 5.30 pm to 8 00 pm via Zoom. It was another milestone for the province. Almost all the sisters were present for the meeting along with the Province Leadership Team. Mrs. Alice D’Cruz, an environmentalist from Goa was the resource person who gave the input on recycling. She spoke of simple and practical ways to save and recycle the resources, waste management, dry and wet garbage, composting, single use plastics etc.  

    Sr. Irene, the province contact person for the JPIC, presented an overview of the JPIC work in the province. Sr.Neha shared about the present JPIC focus -Recycling, Season of creation, Response to racism and climate action.The response and active participation of the members reflected the commitment of Tanmaya Province towards building up of a sustainable developed society.

    Sr. Neha -  JPIC – India/ Tanmaya Province 

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