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    Recycling of daily water

    Here in the semiarid north-eastern region of Brazil, water conservation and careful use of water are a daily struggle. Since our region is punished by long periods of drought, we store drinking water in our cisterns for consumption and farming when it rains. The construction of these reservoirs is an initiative of the federal government to combat drought in our municipality. All residences in the city has cisterns for their daily use. The idea of making cisterns was brought to the region in the 1990s and the first constructions were financed by the Sisters of St. Joseph in partnership with the Diocese of Juazeiro-BA.

    The water recycling process is being developed in our city by the non-governmental entity (SASOP). We hope that this initiative will inspire many people to begin water recycling.

    This process is being developed in a rural community of Jatobá area, and aims at using water coming from bathrooms, washing of clothes and dishes. We the Sisters of Saint Joseph and the Associates realize the need to encourage people to have in their own home, the water reuse system; a simple technology of great importance for harmonious coexistence with nature. Therefore, we directly help people to construct water reuse system. We are convinced that we need to disseminate these experiences through social networks and radio programs. This theme is not foreign to us. The concern is old, and it affects humanity as a whole. The poorest in society are the most affected. It is apt to resume these themes, as they are basic and necessary for the survival of people, animals and nature.

    Certainly, what is excess for us, would be lacking for others. We welcome you to reflect on the issues of water, for we know that many people are suffering due to lack of water. If we use water carefully, many will benefit.

    Sisters of Saint Joseph and Associates from Remanso-BA

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