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    Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Laudato Si

     Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Laudato Si week was a great event. It created the apt atmosphere to reflect on the encyclical of Pope Francis and to imbibe its spirit in our day-to-day lives. We, the Sisters of St. Joseph in Khandwa, felt the great need to make Laudato Si as a part of our daily life.

    Various themes, reflections, and sharing helped us to focus our attention on planet earth. We sat in the garden and recited rosaries, and meditated on the beauty and the gifts of nature. We expressed our shortcomings for the times we took these gifts for granted. As we felt oneness with mother earth, we decided to give priority to save water, to avoid the use of plastics, to spend more time in nature, and not to waste things in our kitchen and else.

    We took time to reflect on the five elements - air, earth, water, fire, and sky. For our life revolves around these elements. We thanked God for each of these elements and their importance in our lives. Together we enjoyed gardening, watering plants, and planting new ones. We decided to continue to take care of our surroundings by not polluting it, by using water sparingly, by avoiding the use of plastics and by taking care of our little garden. We also decided to respect life in all its forms and stand for justice and peace.

    Sisters of St. Joseph
    Khandwa, Tanmaya/India

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