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     Sr Jona

    Thanks to the Lockdown for Covid 19, some sisters of the province marked Earth Day with great respect and attention. The LOCKDOWN  did not allow us to go out to manifest great actions in solidarity with other people but it helped us to become more aware of the importance of nature within the limited space that we live, some in apartments and others in big houses.

    Concretely, the sisters who can go out into the natural surroundings around their houses, went to talk with nature in a very close way.  Instead of picking up the dead leaves with the broom, this day they picked them up with our hands to feel the softness of the leaves. They sowed some vegetable seeds and continue to separate the waste properly and monitor the recycling process with the laity.

    Earth Day, April 22, 2020, invited us to raise awareness to prevent the climate crisis from affecting more of humanity. A big THANK YOU to the JPIC team for helping us to unite as one body on April 22nd to celebrate our MOTHER EARTH. May our Mother Earth help us to protect this treasure in order to live our life of happiness with nature.

    Some sisters have shared their personal experiences of this World Earth Day. We leave them to witness their contact with MOTHER EARTH:

    Sr Santhi

    Ps: 33, 5 The earth is full of God’s unfailing love.

    This year, Earth Day marks its 50th  Anniversary and is celebrated around the world to pledge and support the environment. On the one hand the world is facing the challenge of covid-19, and at the same time, the planet earth is getting healed due to lock down.  The air pollutions are reduced, the sky looks bluer, we can hear the sweet melodies of the chirping of the birds, and the animals  move around freely.

    As children of this one Planet Earth, we come together in solidarity, to render our gratitude to God for Mother Earth, by spending time in the nature, reflecting and praying for her free gifts to the entire humanity.  As a result of our negligence and selfish motives, we have become responsible for the destruction of the Planet Earth, We have benefited much from the Earth rather than cared for it. Today, once again, the call is very urgent and intense to act decisively to protect our  “Mother Earth” from existential threat of climate destruction, deforestation and from the different types of pollutions. With this great awareness, we pledge to work towards a cleaner, healthier, nd prospers planet.  Long live our Mother Earth!  Long live our Humanity!

    Sr. Sujatha

    A thought came to me as I was meditating on earth, and that was "our mothers carried us in their wombs for nine months, but our mother earth carries us in her womb for our entire life. I simply admired beautiful creation and wondered how our Heavenly Father colored the earth in different colors like grass, trees and flowers. For a moment I felt that I was living in the time of  Genesis.  Genesis Ch.  1:2  states that  “In beginning the earth was formless but God who created the whole world the way he wanted to be.”

    It was good experience we had as we spent time with nature.  We could feel the presence of God among us. It was nice to see everyone sharing time with nature, some admiring nature, some listening to the sounds around them, some speaking to plants and flowers.  It brought wonderful smiles to each of our faces.

    Sr  Jayarani

    Earth: You are the beginning and the end of my life, in you I breathe and in you will be my final resting place. You are the Mother of all generations present and future! Sitting on your knees, I receive your immense and beneficent love every day.

    It is an enriching moment for our community to taste the beauty of Mother Earth, especially on this day when we celebrate EARTH. To mark this "event" we have planted a geranium on our balcony with great care. We communicated with the earth, by caressing it, watering it, stirring it. A kind of deep communion was established between us and the plant, and we experienced great joy in this "dialogue".

    Our community prayer was inspired by the Pope\´┐Żs words about Creation. We are indebted to our "Mother Earth" for her beauty, her positive energies, her generosity, her adaptation to the seasons! We love our "Mother Earth" and regret not having taken enough time to enhance and benefit from her!

    Sr Nirmal

    "Great and wonderful are your deeds, O Lord God the Almighty! Just and True are your ways". (Rev 15:3)
       The day began with a beautiful prayer in nature, I could joyfully meditate on  nature with gladness and praise. I could also thank God for Mother earth which is very essential for our humanity. We were blessed to have  Adoration in our chapel and pray especially for Earth Day. Each sister could pray and be united with nature  and express her gratitude to God.


    My reflection on Mother Earth: In each season Nature is very faithful to produce different kinds of fruits, vegetables and fruits etc., but we, the human beings that  receive it, we do not care for them, we do not mind destroying them. We are disrespectful to nature. Every day is an invitation to have a generous attitude to care for the life of the earth. Creation is  God’s sign of love. God created the World for everyone.  "Creation is entrusted by God to human care challenges us to protect and to show love as He showed". (Pope Francis)

    Sr Sapna

    As we celebrated the World Earth Day. It was a good day as we went out in the nature to pray.  Sr Santhi conducted the prayer that was good and meaningful, with symbols which allowed me to pray with nature and to become one with the nature.  The songs  about nature allowed me to thank our Creator God the Father. As I was sitting on the ground in nature  and listening to the birds, the cold breeze and the sun light  helped me to become aware of God presence around me, and within me, as I praised God for the beautiful creation and for the beautiful nature that the Lord has given each of us freely to enjoy and to take care of them. For me, it was a good experience with the nature and I love nature.

    Sr Savita

    Bless the Lord O my soul , O my soul !! Bless His Holy name.

    What a great opportunity it was for us to become deeply aware of beautiful nature and the Planet which God has gifted to us. I thank God for allowing me to experience His powerful presence in nature as we prayed with Creation. In our outdoor garden, the warm sunshine, the singing of birds, the soft breeze on our cheeks, the swaying of trees, the smell of wet earth and the greenery all around us, was the  awesome experience for me.  I listened to the  chirping  of the birds which inspired me to praise God along with them. The warmth of the sun and the cool breeze helped me to experience the presence of God within and around me.

    God gives me the responsibility to nurture, protect and preserve Mother Earth, and to take care of every living being on the planet. We are not to destroy the forest, nor pollute Mother Earth. During the day I could feel , touch, smell and hear the sounds of nature and I loved and embraced  it all. I was very happy with this experience. I also enjoyed a lot of natural beauty around me - God\´┐Żs beautiful Creation. 


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