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    Solidarity guarantees food for vulnerable population - PROJARI

    Terezinha dos Santos Silva, 83, lives in the São Francisco neighbourhood, in Guaíba. She takes care of three grandchildren with the support of the community to feed them. Thanks to the action of PROJARI which is supported by the group of entrepreneurs and others, Terezinha is managing to keep her family in this period of social isolation. 

    Solidarity has been the reverse of the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic in Guaíba. According to the Director of PROJARI, Sr. Nilva Dal Bello, the initiative of the organization and its supporters is able to bring food and comfort to families. Every day of the week, at noon and at night, the vehicle of the Sisters of St. Joseph makes a round through the neighbourhoods of Bom Fim, Nova Guaíba and São Francisco to take our “warmth” to the communities. About 120 lunch boxes are delivered each day.

    Hygiene kits with basic products prepared by the PROJARI staff and volunteers are distributed to children. Sr. Nilva stresses that this is the time to mobilize forces to preserve life. “PROJARI had to close its doors to activities, in order to avoid coronavirus agglomeration and transmission, but it keeps the doors of the heart open to help the people in situations of social vulnerability in this period of great difficulty”. 

    The group also took the help of other people for making masks, with material donated by people from the community and companies, to distribute to the people. So far, more than three hundred personal protective equipment have been delivered, because families are unable to purchase the product and the municipality does not have the necessary distribution facilities. The religious sister asked the community to continue collaborating with this solidarity initiative. Anyone willing to donate can phone on this number. (51) 999412275.

    This solidarity also has the support of the Food Bank, the COMVIDA-20 campaign and the Friends of PROJARI group

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