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    The right to Generate Life

    For ten years, from 2000 to 2010, the Church of Brazil maintained a project to help the Church in East Timor. Every three years, Sisters were sent to live and do pastoral and educational work or live with poor and isolated communities of East Timor. Along with Sister Eliane Costa Santana, also a member of the Province of São Paulo, I participated in this project entitled Brazil-East Timor, during the period from 2003 to 2006. I had the opportunity to meet the rich local culture and the people subject to every kind of want and misery. Hunger and disease were the most glaring realities. Many causes and events were at the root of this situation.

    In mid 2005, when in contact with the clinic at La Clubar, we learned of a woman with tuberculosis. Agrippina, mother of several children and pregnant again, weighed only 25 kilos. The big challenge was the survival of the mother and the childbirth itself, assuring the right to health and proper nutrition. All the missionary team mobilized for this to happen, seeking resources and constantly accompanying this sick and undernourished woman in the last stages of pregnancy. It was also necessary to keep up with the other children, who ran the risk of being infected by tuberculosis.

    In La Clubar, the poorest people only had dry cassava leaves to eat. We followed Agrippina, week by week, guaranteeing her access to food. The missionary community helped to strengthen her confidence and certainty that the child would be born, and with good health. At the birth, everything went well for mother and daughter. What name was given to this surviving baby? ‘Miracle of God’ was the name chosen! And even today, God's Miracle continues the miracle of life with a beautiful story of witness to solidarity.

    Sister Elenice Buoro
    São Paulo, Brazil

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