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    Working together for Justice

    On the 23rd and 24th Oct 2012, the members of JPIC and ICC began their face to face meetings in the General House, Rome, with a workshop entitled ‘Towards a Spirituality of JPIC Animation’. Fr. Gearoid Francisco O’Conaire, OFM, who is the Executive Secretary of the International JPIC Commission for the Unions of Superiors General in Rome and an expert in the topic facilitated the workshop for the sisters.

    The session started with interaction of all the participants who responded to the questions: What is JPIC? How do I explain it to others? Their responses reflected an understanding that the JPIC animator helps create an awareness of suffering and injustice in the world. As well as fraternal and institutional support the individual needs a strong spirituality, grounded in a consistent prayer life. Another much important need is that of ongoing formation to help incorporate JPIC values into the life and ministries of all the sisters, something that is indispensable for the building up of the reign of God.

    The workshop also dealt with how best the ICC can support the work and effort of JPIC in respect to communicating its values and functions.


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