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    Meetings that mark us, certainties that remain!

    Almost two years ago, we began to live in the condominium at the Montserrat Building in Curitiba. During this time, as the Provincial community, we have tried to sow peace and justice among the 40 families here, through being a simple, warm, cheerful, friendly and caring presence.

    The example that comes to us through the charism of unity challenges us to seek, creatively, the means of promoting the Good News where our feet are planted, in an upper-middle-class environment. Here, we have the opportunity to gradually go about helping the families to widen their horizons by realizing the situation of exclusion of many families around us and in our reality of Brazil and the world. Peace will not be possible without the practice of justice and solidarity through sharing!

    Based on the Word of God, we seek to integrate faith and life by reflecting, listening, sharing, prayer, and with simple and concrete gestures of solidarity with those who suffer and who are devoid of human dignity. Slowly, eyes and minds are opening to better understand God's Word, letting it illuminate our steps, our lives and our attitudes.

    At each meeting, we exercise listening, and in response to the gracious invitation of being together, we embrace the project of Jesus Christ, "so that all may have life and life in abundance." We took advantage of these meetings to also make known our Congregation and our charism. The image of Mother Saint John Marcoux has visited families in the building and, through a film produced in Brazil, we learned about her life, that she was known and admired for her determination and deep faith.

    The certainty that we have from these meetings around the Word of God is that values are at the root of our lives, although sometimes they are dormant. Our mission is to awaken ourselves and others to the true meaning of our passage in this world towards our Father's House, where we all are invited to share at the same banquet table.

    Sisters Geni Estegues Pereira, Santina Balduino Cella and Maria Donatila Krzjanosvski
    Curitiba, Brazil

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