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    Indian Provinces JPIC Meet

    On January 12 and 13, twenty-eight members of JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) from the four Indian Provinces gathered in Snehalaya, Nagpur, for a two-day interactive session. Srs. Neha and Vasantha, the members of the International JPIC Commission successfully oriented the group towards this noble action. The gentle presence and valuable contributions of Sr. Mariaelena Aceti, General Councillor, and Sr. Lorraine Marie Delaney, former Superior General, stimulated the group to go to the very depth and core of JPIC.

    After a meaningful prayer, the official welcome and lighting the lamp, in her Inaugural Address Sr. Philo, the Provincial Superior of Nagpur, challenged the group with these words: “Do we have a call to bring about justice, peace and integrity of creation?”

    Very creatively, Sr. Mariaelena helped us understand the hierarchical structure of the JPIC panorama, the JPIC goals and its functioning, and explained in detail on the role of the UN-NGO, of JCoR (Justice Coalition of Religious), and of Global JPIC.

    S. Dorothy Beck deftly brought out the connection between CSJ Spirituality and JPIC. She said “JPIC demands passion for justice, desire for peace and non-violence, and concern for the integrity of creation.” Explaining the Profile of a JPIC Animator, Sr. Neha highlighted the fact that JPIC is not a theme or a topic to be included in the Agenda of a meeting, but an attitude, a way of life. The responsibility of a JPIC animator is animation, formation, communication, coordination and collaboration. The animator should able to breathe life in the group. As a next task, the group was invited to draw up a concrete Action Plan on Conflicts and Developing Non-Violent Strategies and also Gender Inequality and Women (SDG 5) for the years 2019 and 2020.

    On the second day, Sr. Philo enlightened the group on Advocacy and Sr. Lorraine Marie briefly explained the process and steps of advocacy. Further Sr. Lorraine briefed us on Laudato Si (Care for the Common Home) the Encyclical of our Holy Father, Pope Francis. Before concluding the meeting each one shared the insights she received and some practical suggestions were enlisted. All felt enlightened and encouraged to commit themselves fully to make JPIC a way of life.

    Laveena D’souza

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