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    October 2: international day of non-violence

    The International Commission on Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation drew up a prayer dedicated to non-violence, inviting the whole Congregation to pray in unity, from September 27 to October 4, 2018.

    This proposal was welcomed by the communities scattered on the various continents, and during this period, especially on October 2, they prayed, reflected and led young people, adults, children, associates and lay people in unity with us.

    We present a brief report from India:

    “A prayer service was held on non-violence, keeping in mind the realities of our country and the world in general. We remembered and prayed for some of the great persons who practiced non-violence in the past and present, their remarkable contributions to society, and their taking on of any risk with courage, determination and great sacrifice.We wish and hope to practice nonviolence in our thoughts, words and actions in our daily lives.The children were informed about the various problems that prevail in society. They presented skits about social issues such as the lack of hygiene that causes disease, pollution of water and air, caste and race discrimination, sincerity and truthfulness, etc.”

    The Commission thanks all who have welcomed this endeavor, believing that we can make a difference through living attitudes of non-violence. And, if you have had significant experiences about this prayer, please send them to us, since it is in sharing that we grow!

    Sr. Vânia F. Mello

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