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    International Meeting of the Communication Commission

    Communicators of Prophetic Hope
    The International Communication Commission of the Congregation assembled in Garibaldi, Brazil, August 8 to 13 for its first face-to-face meeting. The Sisters who make up the Commission are Barbara Bozak of the United States, Cecile Coutinho (who couldn\´t acquire a visa in time to attend), Laveena D. Souza, and Navya Neelamvilail from India, and Eliana Ap. dos Santos of Brazil. Sister Ieda Tomazzini is the member of the General Council accompanying the Commission. Sisters Preeti Hulas and Ivani Gandini are collaborating in the work of translation. In addition to forming connections among members to strengthen ties and develop a more integrated work plan, the meeting aims to plan, reorganize and assess the progress of communication in the Congregation.

    On August 11 and 12, the meeting also will gather together contact Sisters working in communications in the nuclei of the Brazilian province to reflect on the culture of communication, as well as to address practical issues involving this service. Other Sisters interested in the topic and who are involved with communication in education, health, and various pastoral works were invited from different regions of Brazil. Sister Katia Rejane Sassi, in her words of welcome at the opening of the meeting, said: “At this time, when networks and other instruments of human communication have achieved great progress, we are challenged to live the prophecy of our charism of communion at the service of truth and spreading the good news of the life and mission of the Congregation. Creating a culture of communication through the culture of encounter is a big challenge. ”

    The International Communication Commission is aware of the need to develop a culture of communication within the Congregation, in order to help it engage with contemporary society, as well as to meet the needs of the dear neighbor according to the dream of Father Médaille.

    S. Eliana Aparecida dos Santos

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