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    Migrants and the UN

     During my most recent presence at the UN in New York, on Nov. 2, I heard the UN High Commissioner for Refugees address the third committee of the General Assembly on the situation of refugees and displaced persons throughout the world.  I was astonished to hear that at present there are 66 million displaced persons, more than at any other time in history, including immediately after World War II.  Of this number, 44 million are internally displaced persons whose needs are frequently forgotten.  Equally amazing to me was the realization that the host countries who have received over 80% of refugees are developing or low income countries who need financial support in order to meet the basic needs of these refugees.  At this time aid humanitarian organizations is being supplemented by other groups including the IMF.   
    The need to address the root causes of displacement was highlighted – with an emphasis on the importance of assuring peace, since many people are forced to leave their homeland due to conflict and fear of violence.  This was reiterated on the following day, thanks to the president of the Security Council ( Italy) who put the situation of refugees on the agenda.  Once again I heard the UN High Commissioner for Refugees address this issue and the members of the Security Council repeat the importance of being more effective in bringing peace to situations of conflict.
    Barbara Bozak

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