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    JPIC Meeting

     This morning, April 4th, the new International Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission (JPIC) began their first face to face meeting at the General House in Rome.

    The members are: Brazil - Sisters Nilva Dal Bello and Vânia Ferreira de Mello; India - Vasantha Mary and Neha Choorathuruthel; and the United States – Linda Pepe. Sister Mariaelena Aceti is the general council liaison.
    The session began with a beautiful prayer service calling the members to gather as one body, placing all gifts and energy at the service of
    those who cry out for justice. Sister Sally welcomed the commission in the name of the general council and offered the Council’s gratitude for the commission’s willingness to work hard with the congregation in the areas outlined by the 2015 General Chapter.
    Although most of the sisters arrived yesterday evening and were probably tired and perhaps suffering some jetlag, they engaged easily in the morning’s opening prayer, welcome and in the “getting to know one another” exercises. Laughter could be heard coming the meeting room much of the morning.
    The Commission will meet through April 10 or 11th depending on how quickly their agenda is completed.

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