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    International Finance Commission

      March 17 to 21, 2017, in Rome, at the General House, the annual meeting of the International Finance Commission (IFC) of the Congregation took place. Seven Sisters participated in this event, two India, Jessy Thannikuzhyil and Sudha Kulathunkal, two Brazil, Maria Inês Coelho Rosa and Apolônia Sulenta, two the United States, Joyce Baker and Donna Hoffman and one Denmark, Marianne Bode. Sisters Marianne and Joyce, while not physically present, attended the meeting via videoconference. 
    The Commission is coordinated by the General Treasurer, Sister Donna Hoffmann, and meets annually with the General Council to address matters relating to the finances of the Congregation and together to study ways to better accompany and guide the Sisters of the Congregation regarding the global economic situation. At the end of the meeting, in addition to drafting action policies for the Commission, a letter is sent to Provinces, Regions, and Missions containing practical guidelines to be observed and followed.

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