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    Whoever is doing good for others is living like Jesus...

    I, Sister Ana Marília Citon, joined the Congregation in 1947. After the novitiate, I cooked for 12 years in the São José Psychiatric Hospital in Porto Alegre, and for another three years at the Santa Terezinha Hospital, in Paim Filho. Being asked by a doctor to perform the duties of a nurse, I exercised this role for 37 years, devoting myself to the sick, to pregnant women, and to children. Continuing my training in nursing, I feel, to this day, fully realized personally in this mission.

    Once, I witnessed a situation that really marked me. A mother came to the hospital. She had twin boys, one of whom suffered from diabetes and was hospitalized for treatment. The next morning, when I got to the hospital, I went to see the boy, and realized he was not doing well and was breathing with great difficulty. I gave him oxygen immediately and called the doctor. He was given medicine, which, little by little, improved his condition. Today, he is a healthy 25 year-old. The mother claims that the boy is alive due to my promptness in attending to him. From time to time, she looks for me and offers me some gifts as thanks for saving her son. When I tell her she doesn’t need to offer gifts, she says, "If it weren’t for you, I would not have my son." For me, this recognition makes me realize that it is worth devoting yourself to others and saving lives. Jesus gave us the example that the good done for others is the right way to the FATHER.

    Today, at more than 80 years old, I devote myself to the care of a vegetable garden, and I bring the Eucharist to an elderly lady every week. I help my 92 year old brother's family when he is hospitalized, and I am a presence of solidarity and guidance for my nephews. I am happy, and my desire is to be a presence of justice, peace and blessings in the community, together with the lay persons with whom I find myself and especially with my relatives. I thank God for being able to still contribute to the community with my work and with my prayer.

    Sister Ana Marília Citon
    Lagoa Vermelha - Brazil

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