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    06.17.2021 | Pakistan Region

    Youth empowerment “youth is our hope and future”. 


    As this year 2021 is dedicated to our patron saint St. Joseph, I am very pleased to write on CSJ youth in Pakistan. On the announcement of Bishops conference in Pakistan, Year 2020 -2021 is named as youth year.



     Juniors sisters (Naina, Mehwish, Flonia, Maria and Sumaira they are given project to work collectively empowering youth in Pakistan Lahore and very respectively in each communities. We juniors are overjoyed to share.  Nothing can equal the splendor of the youth, that in itself is to possess a treasure of infinite worth far greater than any person of power.


    on 17th March ,2021, youth had oath ceremony in presence of Regional Coordinator of Pakistan Sr. Shakila CSJ. we had the thanksgiving and oath ceremony same day on 17th March online broadcasted by Catholic TV.  In oath ceremony they have taken oath to follow the church teachings and constitution of Pakistan all doing for the welfare of Humanity.  Sr. Shakila Coordinator of region of Pakistan addressed the youth.’’ Dear youth you are asked and demanded individuals and team to be responsible, ever ready and willing having a vision of selfless love and service, going beyond within your capabilities for the welfare of one another. Holy Mass was presided by Rev. Fr. Irshad. Even we had online Novena with associates and youth. They are participating and sharing our spirituality of littleness and charism of love and unity.


    We have a number of 45 young girls and boys.  Each month twice sisters make sure to have encounter with youth. Encounter is a Sacred journey, moving together, listening compassionately, sharing life being good news for one another. we salute their openness and generosity. Youth is a joy and such phase of life ready to spread their wings in the world of hope and dreams.



     CSJ youth group has objective to cherish hope, it is a time of development, a time for growth and change. Youth has the potential to learn and adapt to the environment.


    Youth Commitment:


    It’s a need according to time for the change, because of Global change of covid-19, our apostolate and means and ways of ministry life is online. We are very blessed to have youth with us for sharing daily maxims of little design in both languages Urdu and English.  Wednesday is dedicated to our patron saint St. Joseph; youth is actively involved to participate online faith sharing activities. Youth group is updated and each one is unique with their giftedness.


    Youth slogan is, to live being catalyst, we being master piece of God, offer our total being to Creator all our giftedness, our vulnerabilities.


    We CSJ family living inclusiveness are blessed to live prophetic call being ambassador of Love, Faith and Hope, embracing the new normal.


     Sr. Sumaira CSJ, Pakistan   


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