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    06.15.2021 | Pakistan Region

    Cherish Life…. our living saint Life of Sr. Catherine CSJ


    15 April, 2021 Thursday was the day of heart drowning, full with natural sadness floating us all in tears, darkens the day in the region of Pakistan. Our beloved sister Catherine George left earthly life and went to her eternal repose. Sr. Catherine was born in July 9, 1957 in Quetta Baluchistan. She was only nine years old, when her mother passed away. She had two sisters and three brothers. She was second last among her siblings. She was incredibly intuitive and always had visions in her dreams. Apparently, she decided to offer her life to Saint Joseph. She joined a St. Joseph’s hostel Quetta through Sr. Regina csj.


    Sr. Catherine completed her academic studies in Quetta and Higher studies in Uk Wales.  She started her religious study under the guidance of Sr Cameline csj and she did her Juniorate in India, Spirituality course in Sri Lanka and Formation course in Rome. Sister made her final vows 1st October 1983.



     She served in Quetta Baluchistan and Multan Punjab as the Principal of the schools. Coordinator of the Pak. Region, supervisor of the sewing center for women, managing Kitchen duties as well, empower the women through literacy, skill work and in faith, re- union families in God’s love and faith, took care of the young women in formation as a Novice Mistress. 


    She was helping the girls in formation in their religious and academic studies. As being an experienced sister, she was always ready to guide and support the young sisters in administration. Most of her services are in the diocese of Multan. She served among poor and needy interreligious communities. In her youth she started two schools in poor areas with the help of Bishop Patras Yousaf. She worked hard for the development of poor children’s education through her latest ways of teaching, and management, She charged very less fee and educated many children. Now, most of her students are having respectful jobs, valuable lives. They all witnessed sister Catherine as a great leader.  


    Her spirituality is to be merciful towards needy, weak person whoever they may be. Mt: 25:40    


    Her kind heart, humble and caring attitude attracted many souls towards her and received a dignify, grace filled title “Mother” Mother of many poor families. His Excellency bishop Banny Mario Travas bishop of Multan, Vicar General Rev. Fr. Yousaf Sohan highly appreciated Sister Catherine’s services among the poor and needy people. They said, “Sr. Catherine was such religious missionary sister on this mystical land of Multan who strengthens the Church by embracing the poor and lonely people, developed their life style through education and counseling like Saint Joseph, Her good deeds, hard work never be forgotten or neglected”.She had great devotion to “Mama Mary”, “St. Joseph” (especially for financial help, Family Peace) Lover of “Holy Eucharistic celebration” and “Adoration”.



     Bishops, clergy and people expressed their views about her that she was a strong, humble, simple, compassionate, loving and caring sister. If I express all views there won’t be much place for my words to be squeezed. All the sisters in the region found her a profound supporter, wise counselor and caring person. Last Words to the sisters in Community: “Remember, We have to be merciful enough towards poor people that should be our first priority as being a sister of St. Joseph”  “If you are over burden, pour out your whole self before the Eucharistic celebration at consecration time Jesus present in a priest indeed.” She spoke to the sisters and school staff, “Celebrate life it’s a precious gift of God blessed with all giftedness. If Corona diminishes your hope, joy and faith start celebrating small events thanking God for your present moment”.   


    “I am satisfied in my life because I do not keep anybody’s debt”



    Sister was a diabatic and high B.P patient. At her last breath she was so active in fulfilling her responsibilities. She got heart attack, did not struggle much for death. Her face was shining, smile remained constant. Three days before while she was going to be departed from this earthly living, she had been sharing her prayer experiences with us and with her family. We as community, feeling blessed to be with her at her last breath. She blessed us all. Share her love with us.  we could not see her physical presence but her spiritual existence is with us. We are assured of she is interceding for us all.  Sr. Catherine will be ever alive in our hearts. She may ever rejoice in heaven with Jesus the Lord. Amen.    


    Sr. Sana CSJ      

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