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    10.23.2020 | Brazil: Celebration of the 370th anniversary of the Congregation of St. Joseph and the opening of the Vocational Year

    On October 15, 2020, a celebration of thanksgiving for the 370 years of the foundation of the Congregation of St. Joseph and inauguration of the Vocational Year in Brazil were held at the St. Joseph convent, in Curitiba. This will continue until October 2021.

    Father Thiago Tomás of the diocese of Lages, Santa Catarina presided over the Mass. The general councillor Sr. Ieda Maria Tomazini, the provincial council of Brazil as well as the Sisters representing the different communities participated the mass. The celebration was Live Streamed on the facebook page of the Province of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery in Brazil.

    A beautiful and harmonious moment helped us to enter into the journey of the congregation  till today.

    At the conclusion of the celebration, Sister Ieda gave a motivating talk, telling us to be hopeful in this pandemic time. She said "mentors of hope are lacking. 370 years! We have learned countless lessons, we can see countless possibilities when we see the dream is shared, a project is carried out and the footprints of Jesus of Nazareth are courageously followed. It is neither complicated nor impossible, just live our vocation with joy and focus on the choices which are available for everyone. " Sr. Ieda ended her speech by thanking, on behalf of the General Council, the Sisters who decided to inaugurate the Year of Vocations together with the celebration of the 370 years of the Congregation.

    Sister Kátia Sassi, provincial superior of Brazil, thanked all the people and the groups “who are part of this small and large Project of Communion”. She said that we are carriers of a prophetic heritage in the footsteps of our founder and so many missionary Sisters of St. Joseph who had the courage to make new crossings. She also invited everyone to walk together in this Vocational Year.

    This celebration, which marked the beginning of the vocational year, certainly impels us to revisit our history. May Fr. Jean Pierre Médaille and Saint Joseph continue to bless us on this path of the Small and the Large Project.

    Novice Franceli Bernardes

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