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    08.26.2023 | Songea/Tanzania - 125 years of Evangelization


    The Archdiocese of Songea in Tanzania is celebrating 125 years of Evangelization; therefore, several prayerful moments have been organized to be carried out until the culmination that will be on October 1, 2023. In honour of the Jubilee, during this period, the Missionary Cross is being taken to parishes.  



    Different groups are finding own ways to celebrate this date, such as the Consecrated Religious Life group held a meeting on August 18th of all congregations present in the Archdiocese and conducted a in pilgrimage in the Parish of Peramiho.


    The final blessing of the pilgrims was given at the Archdiocesan Major Seminary, where the journey of men and women religious to the Parish began. It was great to know the history of the 125 years of evangelization in this archdiocese and the place where the first Benedictines arrived. The pilgrimage was concluded with the Eucharistic celebration.



    The Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery and the Formees participated in this significant prayerful moment.


    A big celebration is scheduled for October 1st, with the participation of many guests from Peramiho/Songea, the village where the Benedictines began their evangelization in this region.


    Sr. Edilse Klein.

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