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    08.04.2023 | Brazil - New Community in Mozambique



    “As women 'connected with the world', we are called to lean and support one another to care for and protect all of Creation and our most vulnerable 'dear neighbor'” (General Chapter 2021, Final Document p.7).


    With joy and renewed hope, on July 31, 2023, we, the Sisters of the Province of the Congregation of Sisters Of St Joseph Of Chambery in Brazil, resumed our mission in Cabo Delgado/Mozambique, opening a new community in the city of Mecúfi, diocese of Pemba. Bishop Antônio Juliasse Ferreira Sandramo welcomed the Sisters: Vanda Célia Gomes Silva, Joana Alexandre de Arruda, and Josiane Leopoldino Garcia, in the Eucharistic Celebration held in the Episcopal chapel.



    With prophetic audacity and renewed missionary ardor, our Sisters were sent into an area where there is no presence of the Church and of Consecrated Religious Life to fulfill the plan of God and be witnesses to the congregational charism.  They will endeavor to meet the humanitarian needs of the poor and the settlements of people displaced by armed conflicts.




    “The same Spirit that moved our founder Father Jean Pierre Médaille S.J., and the first six Sisters of the Little Design to move out into a world of need in their time, will inspire and guide our Congregational family to move out into the world faithful to the Charism of Unity” (General Chapter 2021, Final Document p.4).



    We ask for your prayers so that our Sisters may be a presence of HOPE, a presence of COMMUNION, and WELCOME the diversity. May St. Joseph, protect and accompany this mission to bring life. 

    Note: Sr. Gertrude Salette Beal accompanied the new missionaries


    Provincial Council
    Sr. Maria da Consolação Rocha Coelho
    Sr. Ana Maria da Costa
    Sr. Arzila Pertile
    Sr. Rita Tessaro
    Sr. Rosa Porangaba

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