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    09.29.2022 | Brazilian Province in Chapter - LOGO





    A logo is a symbol which is full of representations and meanings. Many of the elements that we observe are explicit and we can easily identify them. Others need time to be observed and noticed. Certainly, when we contemplate on the logo, we allow these elements to speak to us. In the light of God’s Spirit, we perceive rich and different aspects.




    • The fingerprint



    The fingerprint is an expression of our deepest identity. It’s a unique mark given by God to every human being who are made in his own image and likeness. The fingerprint is a sign of our uniqueness as a Sister of Saint Joseph who along with others, is called to generate communion.


    • The cross



    "Do not look for him on the cross, he is within you". The cross of the Sister of St. Joseph is a reminder to empty oneself in order to fully accept God and his people. It recalls self-annihilation and deep communion with the Mystery of the Incarnation which is the core of the spirituality of the Sister of St. Joseph. In the logo, the Cross has the heart in the centre.


    • The heart



    Inspired by the motto of the Chapter: “One heart and one soul” (Acts 4:32), the symbol of the heart recalls what is essential; what is central is Love. It is formed digitally, which reminds the unique identity of each Sister who forms the community by the grace of the Triune God, who dwells in her heart. The heart of each Sister is enlarged and welcomes people around them and people in turn enlarge their heart to welcome others around them thus whole humanity is welcomed and we are connected with the world.


    • The Congregation's logo


    We have composed the logo of the Provincial Chapter using the elements and colours which are present in our Congregational Logo as a mark of identification.


    • The logo of General Chapter 2021

    To express communion with the General Chapter and its theme “Communities Immersed in the Spirit, connected with the World”, we have used colours and symbols of the General Chapter logo. We have used the open circles which recall the dimension of the world, the radiating light in the centre and the missionary colours which represent different continents.


    • Missionary colours



    The missionary colours identify the continents and remind us of the commitment to evangelize all peoples, which is characteristic of every Christian vocation. In the logo, hearts are formed by colours, revealing that the communion inspired by the motto “one heart” expands to reach those who need it most, across all nations.


    • Beams of Light



    From the missionary heart and from the charism of communion, rays of light emerge that spread throughout the world, generating hope, like the sun that rises each morning, bringing renewal. These rays can also represent each Sister of St. Joseph, immersed in the Spirit, connected with the world, as well as all those who are linked to the Congregation through their works. We perceive in the heartbeat, the green and yellow colours that identify us, as a One Province in Brazil and the presence and the movements of the Spirit that surrounds us.



    Prayer: “O God, with the fruitfulness of your Spirit you animated the life and mission of the first disciples of Jesus. Illume our hearts with the same Spirit and kindle in them the fire of your love, so that we may be witnesses of Unity in the service of the Kingdom. We ask this in the name of Jesus our Lord. Amen!"

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