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    The first workshop for the mentees was held in Bengaluru on 22 – 23 July at the Provincialate of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyons.


    Sr. Barbara Bozak, the director of the programme introduced us in to the spirit of the exercise. She commenced with a description of the qualities of a Christian leader using the models of Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, and Fr. John Pierre Medaille.



    Two persons whom we consider good leaders were noted for their two or three qualities that made them good leaders.She went on to underline the fact that to be a Superior is to humble oneself, much more than an elevation. The workshop brought out the various experiences of survival instincts as well as their reactions. It brought out the relationality by way of our actions and reactions, as much as other’s perceptions too. The leadership circle profile process was explained.


    The programme would continue with the next meeting at Pune during November 2022. The follow-up would be done online on monthly basis along with an ongoing learning module and meeting with peers.


    Shobha Olikattil

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