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    08.04.2022 | LEADERS AS LEAVEN – INDIA



    Leaders as Leaven – India is a program organized and conducted for the three congregations of St. Joseph: Annecy, Chambéry, and Lyons. S. Barbara Bozak, CSJ, from the United States is the director of this training program. For the year 2022-2023, a two-day workshop has been organized for mentors in three places: Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, and Nagpur.



    Nine mentors – two from Annecy and seven from Chambéry, gathered at Bhubaneswar on 26 and 27 July 2022 for a two days Mentors workshop. A welcome note was proposed by Sr. Divya, the Local Animator. Sr. Lucy Parakkatu (Lyon) a member of the program planning committee conducted the opening prayer based on Mt. 20:24-28.  




    In the first session, Leadership through the lens of Scripture, Barbara focused on the servant leadership style of Jesus delving deep into the Gospel of Mathew Chapter 20:20-28. Further, she connected the leadership style of Gandhi and the spirituality of our founder, Fr. John Pierre Medaille. A leader need not have the power or position to exercise the leadership qualities. As Sisters of St. Joseph, we have a greater invitation to be leaders in every sphere of life. 





    In the afternoon session and on the following day, the emphasis was given to leadership as a relationship. Barbara led the group to the understanding and knowledge of the Leadership Circle Profile and what is expected of the mentors for the leadership training program in India. Mentors were given time to reflect and share their creative and reactive tendencies with the help of the videos and the input. Through demonstration and role play, some of the do’s and don’ts were clarified. 


    At the end of the two-day workshop, the mentors gained a clear understanding of the type of leadership program Leaders as leaven is, and what is expected of the mentors in this context.


    Laveena D’Souza - Tanmaya Province/India

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