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    05.22.2022 | New Provincial Council in the United States

    "This morning, May, 22  in the United States Province, the following sisters were elected to leadership; their mandate is 4 years, non-renewable:


    Standing Left to right are:  Kristin (Alternate), Susan, (Councilor) Sally, (Provincial), Ann (Councilor)
    Standing Left to right are:  Kristin (Alternate), Susan, (Councilor) Sally, (Provincial), Ann (Councilor)


    Provincial:  Sister Sally M. Hodgdon
    Councilors: Sister Ann Kane, Sister Susan Cunningham
    Alternate: Sister Kristin Johnson


    We congratulate them and wish them God’s blessings as they accept this ministry in their Province and as part of our Congregation.


    With love – Sister Dolores Lahr, CSJ -  Superior General