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    11.02.2021 | Communication training



    The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery in Brazil, in partnership with the Tabor Communication Agency, conducted a training programme for a group of Sisters in order to continue the mission of communication at Province and Church levels.



    The theme of the programme "Purpose of Communication " aims at promoting reflection on marketing and concepts of communication for the welfare of the Institution and provide subsidies for the creation of strategies and actions in the digital media to improve the results. This will be divided into two phases, covering different subjects namely the digital age; fundamental marketing concepts; purpose of marketing; brand and identity; journey of people and content; communication channels; creativity; creative writing and creation techniques; editorial calendar and data monitoring and finally, guidance for the preparation of papers and presentation of final papers.




    It’s an online course on Google Meet platform. We began our course (The Digital Age) on October 31 and will last until April 2021, with classes every two weeks. Sisters from various regions of the country and Bolivia participated in the course conducted by the agency's team.



    The purpose of this first meeting was to know one another and share the reason for signing up for this course. Some Sisters expressed their reason stating that they want to be included in the digital world and have more knowledge about it. They said “A long awaited dream has come true!”




    We began our studies in an atmosphere of great relaxation and involvement. There were several reflections, challenges and clarification on the subject to integrate technology into our lives, creativity, boldness and innovation to the various demands presented by a technological and fast-moving world.

    Certainly, this first meeting left the participants curious to search for the “more” in order to respond with authenticity in the mission of communication. As St. John Paul II said “the internet offers vast knowledge, but it does not teach values; and when the values are ignored, our own humanity is diminished and one easily loses sight of one’s transcendent dignity”.



    We need to integrate technology and evangelical values through our PURPOSEFUL COMMUNICATION.  Let's continue on this beautiful journey of unity of values, transcendence and technology... being challenged and challenging!


    Sister Franceli de Lima Bernardes

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