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    10.19.2021 | PACHMARHI : Provincial Chapter - ELECTION



    The third day of the chapter commenced with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The theme of the day was enacted through the Psalm in a creative and symbolic way which communicated the role of a prophet very powerfully.  A prophet is a person called and chosen by God to accomplish the desired and unique mission of God.  He or she has to undergo a process of self-emptying, in order to make room for transformation and the risk it entails.  This was depicted by a dance with empty cups.



    Then the RCT (Regional Coordinating Team) from the 5 regions and the JPIC presented their report for the past 4 years.  Every region did their best to carry out the action plan made in spite of the Pandemic.  


    David Delaney CSJ in her presentation on Effective Leadership in the Third Millennium stressed three types of Leadership that everyone is looking for today. They are – Servant, Shepherd and Steward Leadership’ living the Christological values. Know the way, show the way and go the way… She also said that Leadership is a spirituality – imbibing the attitude of Jesus and empowering people.  Today the Church is looking for Charismatic, Prophetic, Empowered, Versatile, Transformational, Democratic, Autocratic and Liminal Leaders.





    David in her presentation on the fourth day dwelt deeply on the theme, “Discernment for Election of Provincial Leaders.” Her presentation with various examples of leaders who were not discerning during their leadership gave the group a deeper understanding for the need of discernment while holding leadership roles. The day was set aside for the discerning the right leadership for the Province.


    Sally continued to inspire the delegates on discernment is a sacred responsibility of the delegates to listen to the Spirit and be lead by the Spirit leaving aside all the personal interests and embrace the common good.



    The leaders emerged from the delegates are: S. Maurice Thekkekuzhikattil – Provincial, S. Lilly Padayattil, S. Clara Animoottil, S. Prasanna Kachappilly as counsilors; S. Sunanda Tete and S. Vandana Kalarickal as alternates. The new team was affirmed by S. Sally Hodgdon the General Superior and congratulated by all the delegates and sisters of the community. 


    Sheila Rose