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    10.18.2021 | Provincial Chapter - PACHMARHI

    Dear Sisters,


    Thank you for your prayers for the success of the Provincial Chapter of Pachmarhi Province, India. Here we present the result of the discernment process for the new Province Coordination Team for the next 4 years.


                                                       from left to right: Sr. Vandana,Sr. Clara,  Sr.Lilly, Sr. Maurice, Sr. Prasanna,  Sr. Sunanda



    Provincial - Sister Maurice Thekkekuzhikattil

    Councillors - Sister Lilly Padayattil

    Sister Clara Animoottil

    Sister Prasanna Kachappilly


    Alternates - Sister Sunanda Tete

    Sister Vandana Kalarickal


    We thank the Sisters for their generosity in serving in this sacred service and accompany them with our prayers.


    With love,
    Sister Sally


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