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    10.16.2021 | Provincial Chapter – Pachmarhi 



    Pachmarhi: Forty-two delegates gathered from different states of India in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, for the 19th Provincial Chapter of the Province on  October 15, 2021, the foundation day of the congregation. This sacred gathering commenced with an opening prayer where the assembly walked from Judea to Galilee with St. Joseph through his four dreams. “Let your dreams see the light just as Joseph’s dreams saw the light when he obeyed the will of God,” was the message from the dreams of Joseph.



     Sr. Annies Padayattil, the Provincial at the beginning of her opening address recalled to mind the great foundation laid for the congregation by all those who have gone before us and paid homage to them through the song, “We are standing on the shoulders…” while the assembly stood up saluting these great women.  Reflecting on the chapter theme she explained, “When a ray of light passes through a water droplet or a prism the light bends undergoing refraction. As a result, the different colors that make up the white light gets separated emitting different colors. This happens because each color has a particular wavelength and each wavelength bends at a different angle. These colors bring out the hidden colors and unifies it and then we receive the light. So also, God’s light passes through our heart when it is transparent causing bends and angles at different stages of life emitting the best colors of values.”





    The facilitator Sr. David Delaney CSJ in her address highlighted the chapter theme and said, “It is the Divine Spirit who motivates you to Mystically have a passionate commitment to Jesus, connecting you to be prophetic in mission.”


    Sally Hodgdon, the General Superior in her inaugural address via zoom said, “Your Chapter theme Daring in Spirit to be a Unifying Presence is a strong theme that challenges you not only to be courageous but also to be deeply rooted in the Spirit, so that your unifying presence is rooted in God.” Quoting Pope Francis she said, “this is a time to look others in the eye and listen to what they have to say, to build a rapport, to be sensitive to the questions of our sisters and brothers.” Sister Sally is actively participating in almost all the sessions of the chapter though from Rome.



    It was very encouraging to see the reports showing how the sisters are deeply involved in their mission with the people through their ministries. The chapter delegates finalised and voted upon the Vision-Mission and action plans of various ministries.


    Victoria Irudaya Raj
    Province of Pachmarhi