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    09.18.2021 | Tanmaya Province




    Down the corridor of time

    I’ve known a love so fine

    Years passed by, love remained the same

    A fine friendship became

    Who knew this could happen?

    Yet Love made it happen

    For life is but a mystery

    Filled with unknown history!


    Pained and broken was I

    Ignored and left to sigh

    Poor fragile me, I cried

    Handle me with care, I begged

    No hearts heard my cry

    Tears rolled never to dry

    By gone are those days

    Marvelous are God’s ways!


    Years went by, we found each other

    Love put my broken pieces together

    Touched me with gentle gesture

    Pressed me with tender care

    Life seemed wonderful

    It was no more dreadful

    Love and care was all I knew

    Life bloomed once again anew!


    Perfect is this love story

    All I see is God’s great glory

    Life seems now brighter

    For Love made it lighter

    With multi-colored hues so clear

    Smiles and hugs ever so dear

    God is Love and so very special

    Whose touch is ever so perennial!


    Sr. Laveena D’Souza - Province of Tanmaya/India