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    08.10.2021 | Brazil - Comunication



    On the morning of August 7th, Tabor Agency (Marketing Agency of Porto Alegre/RS), together with the Province of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery in Brazil, conducted a Creativity Workshop with the help of professor and plastic artist Vinícius Lapenta, via Zoom platform.



    Sisters who collaborate in the work of Communication in the province, as well as Sisters from Bolivia and aspirant Gabriela Anastácio attended the workshop. The participants mentioned that Vinícius made the workshop enjoyable, relaxing and thought provoking. Sr. Joilma, a missionary in Bolivia, said that “the workshop made me open my heart and mind and helped me get rid of my dark ideas about the art. Vinícius helped me to understand the necessity of having a more sensitive look at life and art. He motivated us to be more in contact with oneself and everything around us. So, let's live the art with more gentleness and softness”. The young Gabriela said: “this workshop awakened many things in me”.


    We have a lot to share about art and its meaning and affective experiences in our life. Excerpts from films and comparison of works by some artistes such as Vik Muniz, Melozo da Forli, Hans Memling helped us to contemplate, “open our eyes” and realize that we always and increasingly need to intuit, sharpen our sensitivity and be generous in order to be creative.


    We listened to different songs and expressed our feelings with the movements of the pencil on paper. The exercise helped us to see " an Artist" that exists in each person, because we could see on each one’s paper different shapes, designs and contexts. It is very stress-free and pleasurable to be in connection and at the same time we challenged to dare and let the senses expand.



    We would like to thank Tabor Agency, the Province and each participant, for this opportunity in which we calmly savoured the quality of life and being truly present. This workshop helped us to “relax!”. One of the Sisters said, it was a rich moment of exchanges and sharing. One suggestion is that we can have more connection with art in our lives.


    Meetings like this, which motivate us to experience life and mission creatively put us in the disposition and position of creators with the GREAT CREATOR! “We are called to leave our mark on this Earth in an artistic way and let all of our sensitivity come to the surface!”



    Sr. Franceli de Lima Bernardes

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