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    07.26.2021 | Communities Coordinators

    The Charism of Communion acts prophetically, generates unity and restores life


    We the Sisters of St. Joseph, “Entering into the Mysteries of the Trinity, Incarnation and Eucharist more deeply, and living out this divine love in mutual giving and receiving, we are transformed in community and take part in bringing about the unity willed by Jesus Christ” (Const. p. 14). And, “the living of the humanizing and dialogical relationships strengthens the person, community and the missionary activities, and provides the development of an integral maturity” (PAP, p. 20).  We accept one another in our Consecrated Religious Life in the light of the Word of God: " Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you" (Rm 15:7).



    In the light of the Constitution, the Global Action Plan of the Province of Brazil and the Word of God, the Province of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery in Brazil experienced the deep connection in the Meeting of Coordinators of the Communities. The meeting which took place online via Zoom on July 24, 2021, brought together more than 80 Sisters from north to south of Brazil. This meeting was organized by the Training Team and the facilitator was psychologist Fátima Martucelli. Paulo Soares, a special guest, participated the meeting and sang some hymns to enliven the group.


    The entire framework of the meeting helped the participants to reflect deeply on the ‘Mystery of welcoming’, which involves the living and experiencing of the self-care. It is seen in the expression, willingness to serve, the quality of the relationship with the other, the effect of relationship in our response to be there in the time of need, face to face, eye to eye in deep empathetic listening.


    When the persons are able to perceive what is happening to them and identify which are the situations that cause anguish, anger and fatigue, we can say that the person is embracing one’s own human dimension of life: A process called ‘being present in the present moment’. In other words: notice what you are feeling, notice your body posture and listen to your body language and feel the flexibility of the movement of your body.


    The conscious intercommunication and interconnection of body provides a process of alignment in itself. The power of the heart relativizes the incapacity and helps to be powerful. The attitude of I can't, I don't know, I'm not capable is empowered by the omnipotence which makes one assume their personal responsibility. The isolated one who feels excluded, not able to share and is overburdened, finds someone on whom s/he can count on.



    In this process of self-perception, there is liberation, expansion of self-conception, self-awakening, self-blossoming and self-care and the care of the other. The body starts to serve with its functions, with the wisdom of existing. In this process where the body is dignified as the abode of the soul, one asks humbly for help, identifies difficult situations, questions what is still binding oneself, learn that living with difficulty is not living for difficulty, expands one’s perception, starts to focus on the solutions and not the difficulties. Conflicts and peace both reside within each one’s inner being.


    With this movement one realizes and becomes aware that they are the main part of the solution. The person gives one’s best and still realizes that s/he can be better. With this great and shining awareness and the communion with oneself one says that: “I am a manifestation of the whole” (Nun Coen). I am the result of my parents' best (egg and sperm). One welcomes Life always in motion, as a space and opportunity for change and the beginning of a new story.



    Sr. Iraci de Fátima Cirino dos Santos
    Ibiraiaras/RS-Brazil, July 2021