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    07.15.2021 | General Council thanks Rossella

    General Council thanks Rossella Galli - THE GENERAL SECRETARY


    Rome, July 13, 2021.


    The community of the Generalate, the Provincial of the Province of Italy and people who work in the house gathered to thank Rossella Galli, Secretary General for being a gift to each of us and to the entire Congregation. We were happy to have Mr. Maurício Galli, her husband on this event. At 11:30 am we conducted a thanksgiving prayer service for her. Each one of us expressed what we admired the most in her during her six years of stay with us. Rossella, in fact, left very significant traces of virtues such as generosity, serenity, positivity, humility, courage, willingness, deep faith, delicacy, countless kindnesses, detachment among other virtues which we will remember with nostalgia. Yes, we were all impressed by Rossella and, certainly, many Sisters who had the opportunity to be in contact with her, even if not in person were very much impressed by her.



    On Friday Rossella will leave her job as general secretary. Once again we would like to express our gratitude for her generous service and help while she was working with us and we wish that her new stage of life, together with her family, continues to be blessed by God. She will always be part of our beautiful memories of congregational journey.


    We went to be with the Sisters of the Casaletto after lunch because Rossella also devoted her time and energy for this community and helped them whenever they were in need, in addition to visiting the Sisters in the Infirmary.



    Enriched by Rossella's beautiful testimony of life, we make a room in our hearts to welcome the new secretary, Mônica Bianchini, who will be taking on this arduous and beautiful mission from August 2nd.


    We extend our deep gratitude to the Sisters of the Province of Norway who generously renew their commitment to pay the salary for the secretary every year.  


    Sr. Ieda Tomazini