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    07.13.2021 | Brazilian Province

    Sisters honoured in São Paulo



    We are so happy to note that two of our Sisters Ursulina de Maria Iasi and Luiza Carolina Rocha were honoured on July 7, 2021 by Santa Casa de Misericórdia of São Paulo, for their valuable contribution in the mission of Santa Casa. For this event the Supervisor, members of the Administration, doctors of Santa Casa, friends and Sisters were present. Both the Sisters contributed a lot in their own way in mission of Santa Casa in the reception and care.


    Sr. Ursulina worked for over 60 years, in Paediatrics at Santa Casa – being always attentive.  Her good training is seen in her daily practice. She is always ready to seek help for those in need. She is very kind, understanding, willing to work and help those in need, in whatever way possible so that people may get well and have good health.  I think she knew all the doctors and nurses at Santa Casa and she left for them a memory of self-sacrifice, care and service. She maintained with all of them a professional relationship as well as relationship of communion and help. She understood the needs and aspirations of all of them and supported them.


    The 4th floor of the Paediatric department, where the children are cared for has been named after - SISTER URSULINE OF MARIA IASI. Some doctors spoke of how they met Sr. Ursulina and how important she was to their lives at the beginning of their work as doctors. They were grateful and they had happy memories of her.


    Sr. Luiza Carolina is a sister who knows how to win people's heart with her words of comfort, concrete friendship and by trying to do the best for the people in need. She left no stone unturned to look for help for needy people and tried her best to respond to their needs. She still does this with her prayers and her messages of care and affection. Her lively look and warm smile express all her love for the people whom she meets. Santa Casa is a milestone in her life and a memory in her prayers.


    The name plate of SISTER LUIZA CAROLINA ROCHA- is placed in front of the Chapel and in the Biblical Garden she planned. Many of them remember her as a person of great kindness.



    For more than 140 years the Sisters have been in Santa Casa.  Their presence has been a sign of the Charism of Communion due to their charitable, humble and hidden works. Many Sisters have spent their time with the sick without counting time and energy. Their testimony is still very powerful and is remembered with affection and gratitude. They knew how to do their best so that the mission of Santa Casa de Misericórdia could be extended to so many people.


    Sr. Eliasbete Reis