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    Preparativos para o Conselho Amplo 2013

    Galeria de Fotos

    Sr. Olinda of the Province of Nagpur India
    As I follow every event taking place there at Garibaldi,I feel nostalgic recalling and reliving the lovely time we had there,when the younger sisters met a few years ago. Wonderful memories of our time spent together in every nook and corner of the house, its beautiful surroundings, the enthusiastic and inspiring company of our sisters and the people in the neighbourhood. Memories of our togetherness to be cherished forever. And now the familiar faces of our sisters there, create a unique bonding that will last a life time. Wishing all of you dear sisters a very enriching,fruitful and grace filled time together. I accompany each of you in prayer. God`s Spirit be with you all......Sr. Olinda.

    Carissime, complimenti per la nuova veste del sito: molto colorato! E grazie a voi tutte che ci permettete di "partecipare" al Consiglio Esteso. Un fortissimo abbraccio Rosalba

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