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  • 02.02.2019

    Brazil: Provincial Chapter of Elections

     We cross over to the other side... The Brazilian Province of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chambéry in Brazil concluded its second Provincial C... leia +
  • 01.29.2019

    Brazilian Province elects new Provincial Team

     The Province of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery in Brazil elected today, on January 29/2019, the new Provincial Council that will lead the prov... leia +
  • 01.18.2019

    Provincial Chapter Brazil

     Theme: “Daring new journeys in unity”. Motto: “Let us go across to the other side!” (MK. 4:35) Dearest Sisters and Brot... leia +
  • 01.17.2019

    Assembly of Elections for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambéry Region of Bolivia

    With great joy and enthusiasm, we met in assembly December 28 to 31, 2018 in the community of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. All the Sisters in the region... leia +
  • 12.23.2018

    Nursing Homes have a meeting on line

      The tools offered by the internet and virtual systems can be very useful for our interpersonal relationships.  An example of this was the meeting t... leia +
  • 12.02.2018

    Strategic planning with a spiritual dimension – Saint Joseph Network

      Since the beginning of 2018, the schools of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rio Grande do Sul have organized their strategic plann... leia +
  • 11.06.2018

    Province of Italy - Assembly

      The Provincial Assembly, held in Rome from November 2 to 4, was intended to “evaluate" the journey of the Province, in view of a mission that... leia +
  • 11.01.2018

    History lived, dreamed, told ... still stirring hearts

      A story of the past, true for the present and hope for the future In very difficult moments in our history, suddenly a group of people committed... leia +
  • 10.15.2018

    Inter-Religious Peace March

      Sisters of St. Joseph from the Provinces of Pachmarhi and Tanmaya actively took part in the Inter-Religious Peace March held on October 02, 2018 at... leia +
  • 10.02.2018

    Program – Mission Effectiveness: Charism Alive - Le Puy En Velay – France

     The formation program Mission Effectiveness: Charism Alive in the ministries founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph, led by Sister Dolores Clerico, ... leia +
  • 10.01.2018

    Inauguration of Child Help Desk by Jeevodaya at Itarsi Railway Station, India

     On Saturday, 29 September at 1:45 p.m. Honourable Udhya Pradap Singh M.P. (Member of the Parliament), inaugurated the Jeevodaya Child Help Desk Chi... leia +
  • 09.29.2018

    Seminar discusses theme of non-violence in Tanzanian schools

     Starting from the Sisters of Saint Joseph’ experience in a village of Tanzania on the corporal punishments at school, a seminar involving all t... leia +
  • 09.15.2018

    The Province of France celebrates jubilees of 50 and 65 years of consecrated life

     "I want to sing your love, Lord, each moment of my life..." On September 9, 2018, we began the celebration of thanksgiving for the 50 years of con... leia +
  • 08.27.2018

    Planning the Future and Learning our History 4° Day

     The prayer on Saturday, August 25, was prepared by Sr. Sarah from Ireland. a beautiful prayer of our Lady of Knock. We were invited to pray for Irela... leia +
  • 08.26.2018

    Meeting with the Leaders of Europe - 3°day The bridge

     A Wooden Bridge - Lesson on Interculturality A bridge made with logs of wood placed horizontally and tied to each other. The width is just enough... leia +
  • 08.25.2018

    Meeting with the Leaders of Europe - 3°day

    Walking in the shoes of another Rosalba Scaturro We were really touched by the exercise with shoes. Mariaelena and Anette – who coordinat... leia +
  • 08.24.2018

    August 23 - The unity of faith in the multiculturalism of expressions

     by Teresa Lombardi The lighted candle in our Italian culture invokes the risen Christ. Today we were invited during prayer to form a circle around... leia +
  • 08.23.2018

    The Danish province welcomes participants to the second meeting of the European Councils

     We are about to start our second meeting with European leaders, August 23 to 27, in the Retreat House: Stella Matutina, of the Danish Province. La... leia +
  • 06.20.2018

    Mentor Workshop: Leaders as Leaven - India

       The mentors of the program ‘Leaders as Leaven – India’ from the three congregations of St. Joseph: Chambéry, Annecy and Lyons,... leia +
  • 06.11.2018

    Tanmaya: Gripped by God’s Grace to Heal Humanity

     Saturday 02 June 2018 was an auspicious day for the Province of Tanmaya as three tertians made their Final Commitment and five novices professed thei... leia +
  • 05.13.2018

    Workshop on Interpersonal Relationship Skills

     The second workshop on “Interpersonal Relationship Skills” by Dr. Fr. Anthony D’Souza S.J. was organized in the Provincial House, P... leia +
  • 04.27.2018

    The Fourth Communication Training Programme at Pulluvazhy, Kerala

    Nine sisters from the provinces of Pachmarhi, Nirmala and Tanmaya participated in the training program on Journalism and Photography conducted by th... leia +
  • 04.16.2018

    Tutoring the Prisoner’s Children

     Sisters Kiran Ekka, Maria Goretti and Smita Kujur Bilaspur convent in  Nirmala Province, India, are regular visitors to the Central Jail in Bilaspur... leia +
  • 04.10.2018

    Sister Mariaelena Aceti visits Brazil

     The Brazilian Province is being blessed with the presence of Sister Mariaelena Aceti, General Councilor, on her visit to Brazil February12 to April ... leia +
  • 03.22.2018

    Second Training Program by the IPCC

     The second training program by the Inter Province Communication Commission (IPCC) was held at Marian Hall, Asha Niketan Campus, Bhopal, M.P., India, ... leia +
  • 02.28.2018

    Communication Training by IPCC, India

     The IPCC – Indian Provinces’ Communication Commission held its first training programme for the sisters of the four provinces at Snehalay... leia +
  • 01.29.2018

    Entering the Novitiate

     "Get up and go down to the potter's house, there I will communicate my Word to you”. ( Jer. 18:2) On January 27, 2018, the Province of the ... leia +
  • 12.18.2017

    Our first few months in Savoy

     During the nineteenth century, the Sisters of Savoy went to India. We were born in India, and today, we, three novices, are in Savoy to continue this... leia +
  • 11.27.2017

    Tanmaya: Handing over to the New Leadership Team

     On November 12, Tanmaya Province, India saw a new milestone. It was a day of deep gratitude for all the graces and blessings bestowed on the province... leia +
  • 11.02.2017

    Italy: Colleges United

     In Pisa, after years of activity and study regarding the structure needed to manage a university boarding facility, the Catholic University Colleges,... leia +
  • 10.23.2017

    Tanmaya: Provincial Chapter Elects New Provincial Team

     On the 21st October 2017 after a time of prayer and discernment the Chapter Delegates of Tanmaya Province elected Sr. Prabha Malayil as Provincial Su... leia +
  • 10.20.2017

    Tanmaya: Provincial Chapter

     The provincial chapter of Tanmaya Province, India, commenced on October 18, 2017, in the Provincial House, Tanmaya, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, with a me... leia +
  • 10.08.2017

    Videos - France

     2/10 – Calling forth the sisters who will be sent on mission during the celebration in the context of a continued missionary presence in Savoy ... leia +
  • 08.09.2017

    France: Initial Formation restarting

     On August 2nd around 7:00 pm, before the scheduled time, the Initial Formation Group India arrives to France. A lot of excitement and joy mixed with... leia +
  • 08.01.2017

    USA: Festivities Mark the Vigil of St. Ignatius’ Feast

     On the evening of July 30 the US province celebrated the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola. More than fifty sisters and associates gathered for a Eucha... leia +
  • 07.03.2017

    Bolivia: A Sister of Saint Joseph receives an honor

     On June 24, 2017, in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Sister Zelinda Rosin received the title of "Manager and Defender of the Cultural Heritage" the State of Bo... leia +
  • 06.26.2017

    Pachmarhi: Handing over to the New Leadership Team

     On June 18, the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, a traditional feast day of the congregation, Sr. Alice and team handed over their responsibili... leia +
  • 06.19.2017

    New Leadership in the US Province

     On Sunday, June 18, the US province prayed with and for Sisters Barbara Mullen, Donna Hoffman, Linda Pepe and Elaine Betoncourt (alternate), the new ... leia +
  • 06.12.2017

    Nagpur: Witnessing Jesus In The Fractured World

     31 May, 2017, was a day of great rejoicing for the Josephite family in India and in the Congregation, as eleven Novices our four Provinces professed... leia +
  • 06.05.2017

    Pachmarhi Province: Empowered to be a Reconciling Presence in the World

    Sunday 28 May 2017 was an auspicious day for the Province of Pachmarhi as Four temporary professed sisters made their Final Commitment in the Provinci... leia +
  • 05.20.2017

    Sacraments of New Relationships in the Fractured World

     "Being Sacraments of New Relationships in the Fractured World," was the theme of the Provincial Chapter of Pachmarhi Province, India, which took plac... leia +
  • 05.05.2017

    Pachmarhi: Provincial Chapter

    The provincial chapter of Pachmarhi Province, India commenced on May 3, 2017, in the provincial house, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh. Sisters Sally Hodgdo... leia +
  • 03.13.2017

    South Sudan

     Dear Sisters, I am sending this message about the situation in one of our missions in Riimenze. People were attacked by the soldiers. Houses we... leia +
  • 02.08.2017

    Nagpur: Transition from one Leadership to Another

     26th January 2017 was a day of celebration for us Indians as we celebrated our country's Republic. It was also a day of joy for the Sisters of the Pr... leia +
  • 02.03.2017

    Brazil: International Meeting of the Sisters of Saint Joseph

     An international meeting of the Sisters of Saint Joseph brought together 92 participants in Itu, São Paulo – Brazil, from January 26 to 31, 201... leia +
  • 02.01.2017

    Italy: Memorial Day

     On January 27, like every year, students and staff of the Istituto San Giuseppe in Via del Casaletto, awarded as "Life House" by the International Ra... leia +
  • 01.26.2017

    Brazil: Bearers of a glorious tradition

     Our international meeting began in Itu, São Paulo, on January 25, lasting until February 1, 2017. This meeting has been long desired, dreamed of and ... leia +
  • 01.17.2017

    Bolivia: Sharing Life and the Mission of Unity

     All the Sisters of the Region of Bolivia met in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, January 3 to 7, 2017, to work on the material regarding the “inter-cul... leia +
  • 01.12.2017

    MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES: January 15, World Day of Prayer

    On January 15, 2017, the Catholic Church observes the 103rd World Day of Migrants and Refugees. This year, Pope Francis focuses on refugee children, w... leia +
  • 01.09.2017

    Pachmarhi: Provincial Assembly

    From 28 – 30 Dec. 2016, Sisters of Pachmarhi province, India came together at Idgah Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, for their Provincial Assembly... leia +