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    Strategic planning with a spiritual dimension – Saint Joseph Network

    Since the beginning of 2018, the schools of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rio Grande do Sul have organized their strategic planning with a spiritual dimension, through training, meetings, moments of reflection and prayer with their employees. This is an initiative that aims to help the Saint Joseph network managers to strengthen the Catholic identity of their schools and to reflect on the organization of these institutions, in order to work on planning based on the charism and spirituality of the Congregation. In this sense, some elements such as mission, vision, goals, training, creating action plans and subsequent monitoring are essential to this process.

         Relying on the counsel of a professor, Dr. Rodinei Balbinot, this process began with a first meeting with representatives and managers of all the institutions. On this occasion, he stressed that the process should be realized by God, in God, and according to God, and that the main intention is to enter into an action of grace, giving one’s best and seeking the best, to complete the educational mission of the Congregation. He also stressed the importance of action, stating that planning is the mapping of ways to accomplish the vision and achieve the expected results. And, finally, he presented a timeline and a proposal for meetings to be held with the staff of the institutions of the Saint Joseph Network between 2018 and 2019.

         The process continues, and the journey will take place through the daily administrative work in each of the schools of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and through assuming the responsibility of being a transformative presence in the community, making room for the deepening of faith and for the development of a critical capacity in the practice of solidarity and respect, promoting a culture of communion, and building knowledge that goes beyond the classroom.

    Professor Ana Maciel – Colégio São José –Pelotas, Brazil


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