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    JPIC Sisters of St Joseph of Chambéry

    Voices from Provinces, Regions and Missions on attitudes towards the food focus:

     Preference for natural foods and healthy consumption;

    In small towns people are aware and prefer natural food;

    Expansion of kitchen gardens and cultivation of organic plants;

    Growth of solidarity and sharing of food;

    Avoid throwing plastics on the ground;

    Be aware of the humanity that suffers, and take care of the animals that live around;

    In big cities, there is more waste. Waste amounts to theft from those who do not have it;

    Attitudinal change of not complaining about the food but rather thanking was perceived;

    Lead a simple life.

    JPIC - Commission


    Laura Gavazzoni
    Emocionante os depoimentos. Gratidão ao Conselho Geral Chambery, que oportunizou este vídeo, através da Comissão Justiça paz e Integridade da Criação (JPIC). UM DESAFIO DE VIDA.

    Neli Calabria
    Iniciativa brilhaãnte.Se cada um desse um pouco de si nesse sentido,teríamos menos fome no mundo.bb

    Isabel Ma. Arcanjo da S.Moura
    Gostei da matéria, muito interessante.Proveitosa.

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