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    We wish you a beautiful World Day of Communications!

     Dear Members of our ICC Commission,

    We thank you for who you are, and for all you give to your service for Communications within and outside of our Congregation. You have really moved us forward in this highly complex yet critically important venue of sharing the Gospel and our Charism. 

    We ask forgiveness for times we take you for granted and maybe come across as somewhat demanding. But we really do appreciate each one of you and how you are willing to share your particulargift and talent with the team for the good of the congregation. We realize you sacrifice other things you may wish to do, to give time to this critical ministry.

    Dr. Paolo Ruffini, the Prefect of the Vatican Dicastery for Communication offered these words for today.

    Encounter, says the Prefect, provides the basis for true communication.We therefore need to discover ways to use the internet to maintain “the incarnate relationship between people” while building “an economy of sharing”. It is this vision, says Dr. Ruffini, that all people must be encouraged to participate in by giving their time, talents, money, and prayer. He mentioned that “a smile becomes a story”. An outgoing Church, he says, can help “build communion across all means of communication.”

    “The time has come to think about communication as a way to redistribute surplus goods, knowledge, and love.”

    In conclusion, Dr. Ruffini says each of us “can be the smile of those who have preceded us. Every story can be refashioned and redeemed by sharing a smile that becomes a story.

    Thank you for helping us share the encounters of our sisters with the world and for offering SMILES in many different ways!

    With love and gratitude,
    Sally for the General Council



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