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    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic: João Neiva / ES and Vacaria / RS - Sharing 19

    Project Crubixa Jose Homem Justo

    José Homem Justo community is composed of three Sisters and a lay missionary in João Neiva / ES. They run the project called the Crubixá JHJ through which they carry out the works of Solidarity for the benefit of the poor families who are affected more due to COVID-19 pandemic.

    Works of charity moved the Parish communities and local people. Sisters collected the food items and have made 128 basic baskets, which are being distributed through the Regional Social Assistance Council (CRAS). Donations keep coming, and the charity works growing. They charity went beyond expectation. This was the experience of sisters and people during quarantine / Lent and Easter.

    We believe that by taking care of each other we will go through this crisis together.

    Jaqueline Aparecida Leite Dias - Lay Missionary

    Holy Family Community

    Prayer helps us to realize the living presence of Jesus among us. We are praying for caregivers, Church, Congregation and Province. May the Holy Spirit enlighten the authorities and the scientists so that we may grow together to build relationship which is a healing remedy and grow in fraternal love. Let us be in solidarity with all those who suffer, praying for them, calling them over the phone and encouraging them.

    We send messages to our associates. We help families, the elderly, the sick and neighbours through social networks. Our community has common prayer and leisure time. We make handicrafts, masks and soap for donation. We also conduct various therapies, sharings, rosary and celebrations in unity with the Province. We felt like we were in a desert experience like Jesus.

    Community of São José

    Our community, in addition to what we had in our previous plan, prays the rosary and watch the Mass on TV. We have Lenten prayer meetings, way of the cross, personal and community prayers. We read good books. Sr.Teresinha Zen helps us and does our shopping. We watch news to update ourselves. We follow and guide the progress of the Therapeutic Community from home since we cannot be present there physically. We have more time together. We work in our vegetable and flower gardens which needs especial care due to drought.

    We organize all our activities together such as individual and community prayer, reading, sharing life, walk, contemplating nature in the spaces that the community offers, mass on TV, rosary, handicrafts, card games, listening and helping each other. As we are part of Nucleus St. Joseph, we say the rosary daily and then follow the mass on TV


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