• General News

  • 08.13.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambéry are promoting global movement on digital platform

    Dear Sisters and Associates,  The global situation calls us to take a stand against all forms of violence. It urges us to raise our voices against ra... leia +
  • 08.04.2020

    Living in Norway in pandemic struck

    From the Norvegian Associates and the St Joseph sisters at Grefsen. The covid-19 pandemic struck Norway in february/march. Our Government closed mo... leia +
  • 08.02.2020

    General Council meets with Administrators and Principals from India and Brazil

     On July 25th and 26th the general council met the leaders from different Associations and Schools of India and Brazil through the Zoom videoconferenc... leia +
  • 07.30.2020

    “Those who love care and those who care love”

     The quote from the book of Leonardo Boff: “The Common Home, Spirituality, Love” inspired us the associates and the Sisters of St. Joseph ... leia +
  • 07.23.2020

    Mobilization creates great solidarity network during the pandemic

    The pandemic was not restricted to isolation and regrets. Solidarity emerged in creative ways in Guaíba. The Community of the Sisters of St. Joseph of... leia +
  • 07.23.2020

    Share my experience “ahe global pandemic caused by Covid-19”

     I am Sr.Shakila CSJ, from region of Pakistan, I am hopeful to share my experience “The global pandemic caused by COVID-19” has been trans... leia +
  • 07.17.2020

    “Parada Solidária” offers culture, flavour and knowledge

    The delay in waiting for public transport due to the pandemic can be a time well used. Residents of the Bom Fim neighburhood, in the city of Guaíba, c... leia +
  • 07.16.2020

    Sr. Abida from Pakistan Sharing about pandemic time

     I am Sr. Abida Anwer Baig CSJ from the Region of Pakistan and I am sharing here how I have struggled mentally, physically and even spiritually becaus... leia +
  • 07.13.2020

    Transformative Process of a God Oriented Journey

     The Lord opened to us the gates of holiness as we entered the precincts of Inter Congregational Juniorate (ICJ). We give thanks to the Lord God and p... leia +
  • 07.12.2020

    Virtual Retreat St. Joseph College

     On June 27, 2020, we, the teachers and the staff of St. Joseph College of Caxias do Sul gathered in the morning to make a Virtual Retreat. We were ap... leia +
  • 07.12.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph working to combat the Coronavirus

    Sisters Assunta Techio and Zelinda Técchio are blood sisters who are members of the Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery. Since more than... leia +
  • 06.25.2020

    Jesus captured me through a foreign language

     I begin this short story the real story of my life with an extract from the writings of Pope Benedict XVI. “Each of us is willed, each of us i... leia +
  • 06.25.2020

    Creativity, care and solidarity in times of pandemic

     St. Joseph Nursery School of Caxias do Sul began its academic year 2020 with joy, enthusiasm, dynamism, challenges and confidence in a promising year... leia +
  • 06.20.2020

    Pandemic: Highlight the positive to be seen and adopt good practices

    The General Council, in this time of global pandemic, has used the ZOOM, a virtual communication tool, to lead the Congregation and be in contact with... leia +
  • 06.11.2020

    Reaching out to our Dear Neighbour

    A year  ago, we the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery, Nirmala Province, India, ventured into a new mission to work for the migrants nnd their child... leia +
  • 06.09.2020

    Praying as a Global Family

    (How today’s young minds see our Internationality and interconnectedness. Here is a short experience of Sr. Sagaya Rani. She belongs to Tanmaya ... leia +
  • 06.01.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph and friends together in common prayer

     Two thousand years ago, the disciples gathered in the Upper Room. They were waiting in prayer for the coming of the Spirit, which Jesus promised. Tod... leia +
  • 05.24.2020

    Praying togehter - May 30th, 2020

      leia +
  • 05.16.2020

    “Communities in Prayer”

    A very special prayer service was held on 13 May via the Zoom videoconference platform. In Brazil, the formative communities of the Congregations of S... leia +
  • 05.13.2020

    Reaching out to restore hope to the hopeless, during these Pandemic times

     An overnight announcement of nationwide lockdown caused panic and chaos all over our country. Responding to the need of the time, we, Sisters at Bila... leia +
  • 05.12.2020

    Covid-19- Faithful respond to Pope's invitation to pray on 14 May

    As Pope Francis invites people of all faiths to pray on 14 May for an end to the coronavirus pandemic, we get a snapshot of people around the world wh... leia +
  • 05.11.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the coronavirus pandemic Cansanção Bahia Sharing 24

    Community: St.  Joseph  Sister Cecília Inês Muraro In our life, at all times, it is the "Lord" who takes the initiative to come to us and lead us ... leia +
  • 05.10.2020

    Sisters of Saint Joseph - Five continents united to pray for the health of humanity

     Technology has been a great ally during the time of social distancing, caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic. Technology appears to be extremely necessary ... leia +
  • 05.08.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph in the face of the coronavirus pandemic Mostardas RS Sharing 23

    Community   St. Joseph Mostardas  RS. Nucleus: Sagrada Família. In this period of quarantine, we are instructed to stay at home. We spend our d... leia +
  • 05.07.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic: Tanmaya India Sharing 22

    We continue to care… As the lockdown continues in India, the cry of the poor and the needy intensifies. People are suffering in various ways... leia +
  • 04.27.2020

    Sr. Dominga Zolet: 50 years of Consecrated Religious Life

    50 years of Crossings of many “yes”, “no”, “maybe” of many developments, setbacks, failures and victories! To... leia +
  • 04.26.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery collaborate with the project Emergenza Uvira

    The Project is accompanied by the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Italian Federation. Uvira is a city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, located at the... leia +
  • 04.25.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery donate 30,000 Euros to the victims of COVID-19

    The widespread and global pandemic present in the five continents has already claimed many lives and along with its devastation has also brought us so... leia +
  • 04.23.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic: Flores da Cunha / RS - Sharing 20

    An unexpected stop Yes, a tiny virus, invisible to the naked eyes, sneaky and fast that in a short time took over the planet earth and spread all o... leia +
  • 04.20.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic - Chembur – Nagpur/ India - Sharing 18

     A ray of hope and light in these trying times COVID 19 has crippled the world but we the Sisters of St. Joseph at Chembur have been working hard t... leia +
  • 04.19.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing coronavirus pandemic: Hospital Nossa Senhora da Oliveira / Vacaria - S...

    Each era has their stories, problems and consequences and no one can escape this, because we are actors on the stage of life. Nossa Senhora da Oliv... leia +
  • 04.17.2020

    A Marvelous Experience!

    That all may be ONE.  Yes, April 8, 2020 was a day of blessing and communion that we lived as one body.  The whole congregations with their associates... leia +
  • 04.15.2020

    General Council prepares meals for the poor

    Love is creative!  Throughout Lent, the General Council, confined within the four walls of the General House in Rome, found itself walking through ... leia +
  • 04.13.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic: Norway and the Novitiate Community in Vacaria...

     Norway Here in Norway, all the Sisters are in the convent. We have no visitors, but we have many elderly Sisters to look after. I was quarantined ... leia +
  • 04.13.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic: Saligao Goa and Region of Pakistan - Sharing...

    Solidarity with our Sisters and brothers in Saligao GOA Listening to the cries and woes of our migrant people here in Saligao, Goa, due to the loc... leia +
  • 04.11.2020

    Easter 2020 - Speak Mary, declaring what you saw…

    Speak, Mary, declaring what you saw… “The tomb of Christ, who is living, the glory of Jesus’ resurrection; bright angels attestin... leia +
  • 04.10.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph in the face of the Coronavirus Pandemic: Provincial Council Brazil and the Es...

     Provincial House Community  In quarantine time ... Our Community lives intense moments of communion with the Congregation, the Church and all of... leia +
  • 04.10.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic: Region of Bolivia Sharing 11

     Bolivia in time of pandemic The biggest change in our daily routine is undoubtedly being at home. It is a providential intervention that made th... leia +
  • 04.05.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavírus Pandemic: Communities in Italy. - Sharing 9

     Novitiate Community, Pisa, Italy - A creative laboratory of experiences In this moment of crisis, which forces us to stay at home, in solidarity... leia +
  • 04.04.2020

    Sisters of St. Joseph facing the Coronavirus Pandemic: General Council and Sweden - Sharing 5

     How the General Council is dealing with Covid-19 Sisters Sally, Philomena, Mariaelena and Ieda, needed to reorganize their activities based on t... leia +
  • 04.04.2020

    Sisters of St Joseph facing the Pandemic Coronavírus: Nirmala/India - Sharing 7

     Reaching out to those Stranded during COVID-19 Lockdown As we religious take measures to protect ourselves from the virus we should also reach o... leia +
  • 04.02.2020

    Sisters of St Joseph facing the Pandemic Coronavírus: Nagpur/India - Sharing 4

     Hope  and  Faith  - Two  Ropes  of  Life The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe. We are confronted once more with the fragili... leia +
  • 04.02.2020

    Sisters of St Joseph facing the Pandemic Coronavírus: France - Sharing 3

      Health crisis in the world! Some questions pop into my head: are the Wise and powerful in the world? are the science and technology of the sage... leia +
  • 04.01.2020

    Sisters of St Joseph facing the Pandemic Coronavírus: Italy and Pakistan - Sharing 1

    Faced with the Covid 19 pandemic which is plaguing humanity and presenting us with dark and uncertain times, there are many positive initiatives that ... leia +
  • 04.01.2020

    Sisters of St Joseph facing the Pandemic Coronavírus: Brazil - Postulancy - Sharing 2

     “Let's go to the other side of bank” In this time of “new corona virus”, pandemic we experience the transition from &ldquo... leia +
  • 03.16.2020

    New coordination team in the Province of Denmark

       The Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery of Denmark had their Provincial Chapter on March 14, 2020. They voted and decided to become a Region, since t... leia +
  • 03.15.2020

    Happy Feast of St. Joseph

     Rome, 19 March 2020 “How could it be, this baby in my arms, sleeping now so peacefully…the Son of God … Lord, I know He is not... leia +
  • 03.12.2020

    Browsing through Women’s Day Celebration at Saligao, Goa

    International Women’s Day, March 08, 2020, was well celebrated at St. Joseph’s Convent, Saligao, Goa. A prayer service with the Internatio... leia +
  • 03.06.2020

    A Sister of St. Joseph receives “International Women” Award

    Every year, city councillors honour women from the city of Ponta Porã, in Mato Grosso do Sul, located on the border of Paraguay who are considered out... leia +
  • 03.03.2020

    Global Educational Pact

     Five years after the launch of Laudato Sí, through which all peoples were called to care for the Earth, our “Common Home”, Pope Francis p... leia +