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    Brazil: Provincial Chapter of Elections

     We cross over to the other side...

    The Brazilian Province of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chambéry in Brazil concluded its second Provincial Chapter after the unification of the provinces in 2016, on January 30, 2019 in ltu, SP. The theme, "Daring new crossings" and the motto, "Let us cross over to the other side" were the leitmotifs of the preparation process for the realization of the chapter assembly. Daring the new and being led by the action of God and the needs of the Congregation, the Church and the world, were a compelling invitation to the capitulants during the eight days of the meeting.

    The need to overcome barriers and reach other shores was a strong call. Each of the 97 capitulants and the listener participants (Sisters, Associates, postulants, and novices) realized the urgency of going forth. This process can be something personal, communal, spiritual, internal and even external, so that the charisma of communion remains preserved and shared.

    At the closing celebration and the sending forth, the Gospel parable of the sower was the subject of prayer. More than an invitation, it was a call to go out and sow the good seed to a hundredfold, and thus, spread it in all the mission spaces each sister gives of herself, her love, life, joy, light, hope, unity and communion.

    Sr. Katia Rejane Sassi, Provincial Elect, said at the end of the chapter: "The God of new beginnings brought us together this week of Provincial Chapter as a group chosen from the Province and groups of Associates in Brazil. In unity, we lived a moment of Kairos, we became aware of we were on our journey, and we were shaken by the spirit to dare new crossings. Today, we are sent back to our communities, and we return there different, as women bearers of the mystique of crossing over, creating in us in an attitude of openness, simplicity, boldness, itinerancy, and trust." At the end, she made a request to the chapter, “Help the new coordination team to include and involve all the Sisters and Associates in the circle of unity as a family of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chambéry.” She also invited all to return to what is essential and the core of identity of Consecrated religious life, and thus be leaven of unity in the world.

    To close the Chapter, Sister Luiza Rodrigues directed words of deep gratitude to God and the Sisters for their time of service given with availability and love.

    With various manifestations of thanks and with happy hearts for the steps taken towards new ventures, the Province crosses to the other side, in the certainty that it is the God of life showing the way and leading us according to his will.

    Sr.  Eliana A. Santos.


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    Vocational fair in Dourados in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul / Brazil

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